Withdrawal of fiat PHP and cryptocurrencies from BC.Game

You can withdraw money from BC.Game in the same way as you make a deposit - through the profile menu, the Withdraw option.

The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the method, on average, you can withdraw from 100 PHP. The commission is 0.1%, but it can be reduced to 0.

Minimum withdrawal amount and commission at BC.Game

BC.Game extends a comprehensive array of withdrawal methodologies to accommodate diverse preferences, including conventional bank transfers, widely-used electronic payment systems, and an extensive spectrum of cryptocurrencies. The platform is meticulously engineered to facilitate a streamlined and effective withdrawal experience for its users, delineated by specific minimal withdrawal thresholds and notably low withdrawal charges, thereby promoting accessibility and ease for all participants.

Minimum withdrawal quantities

  • Bank transfer. Withdrawals via bank transfer necessitate a minimum of 104 PHP, accommodating those who favor traditional banking methods.
  • GCash. For aficionados of electronic payment systems, GCash permits withdrawals commencing at 104 PHP.
  • PayMaya. PayMaya, another prevalent option, supports withdrawals starting from 103 PHP.
  • PayLoro. Users of PayLoro are required to meet withdrawal thresholds starting from 137 PHP.
  • Cryptocurrency. The platform champions versatility for cryptocurrency enthusiasts by supporting a multitude of digital currencies, each with distinct minimum withdrawal requirements. For instance, USDT withdrawals start at 54.474955 USDT, ETH at 0.014381, and BTC at 0.000904. These figures illustrate the platform’s responsiveness to the fluctuating dynamics of cryptocurrencies, ensuring users can efficiently access their funds in their preferred digital format.

Commission fees

The commission fees for currency withdrawals from BC.Game begin at a nominal rate of 0.1%, showcasing the platform’s dedication to delivering exceptional value to its users. Furthermore, BC.Game honors its most dedicated players, with VIP membership commencing from the 38th level (Platinum), granting the privilege of commission-free withdrawals. This gesture underscores BC.Game’s commitment to rewarding loyalty and enhancing the overall user experience on its platform.

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Processing and realization time of withdrawal request at BC.Game

BC.Game’s withdrawal mechanism is architected to epitomize efficiency and user-friendliness, mirroring the platform’s dedication to delivering a superior user experience. This process is characterized by its rapid execution, ensuring that players can swiftly gain access to their earnings with minimal postponement.

Realization Period

  • Standard BC.Game withdrawal time. Post-processing, the duration for the withdrawal to be reflected in a user’s account can be as rapid as 1 to 5 minutes for the majority of withdrawal methods. This swift transition is particularly applicable to cryptocurrencies and electronic wallets, famed for their expediency.
  • Bank transfers and substantial amounts. In the case of bank transfers or hefty withdrawals, the realization period may elongate, possibly spanning from 1 to 6 days. Such delays are typically attributed to the processing times required by the banking institutions involved in the transfer, rather than any hold-ups from BC.Game itself.
  • Verification prerequisites. It is pivotal to acknowledge that while the majority of withdrawals are processed expeditiously, the timing may fluctuate based on the user’s verification status and the magnitude of the withdrawal request. In instances of atypical activity or significant withdrawal amounts, BC.Game might undertake additional verifications to fortify the security of the transactions.
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How to withdraw money from BC.Game in the Philippines

Withdrawing from BC.Game in the Philippines is streamlined for an uncomplicated user experience, allowing for a smooth transaction process. Follow this straightforward step to access your earnings.

  1. Access your account. Begin by logging into your BC.Game account, the central hub for managing your financial transactions.
  2. Navigate to the withdrawal section. Click on the profile icon situated in the top right-hand corner. From the dropdown menu, select “Withdraw” to proceed to the Withdrawal Page.
  3. Choose withdrawal type. On the withdrawal page, you’ll see options to select the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw or opt for fiat currency withdrawal. Select your preferred withdrawal medium.
  4. Confirm and submit. Ensure all entered details are correct, including the withdrawal amounts and recipient information. Once verified, click on “Confirm” or its equivalent to initiate the withdrawal request.

Withdrawing fiat currency

  1. Choose the fiat currency option. On the withdrawal page, opt for the fiat currency withdrawal option, typically labeled as “Fiat.”
  2. Select your fiat currency. Choose the specific fiat currency for withdrawal, for example, PHP (Philippine Peso).
  3. Choose a withdrawal method. BC.Game offers various withdrawal methods suitable for users in the Philippines, including Bank Transfer, GCash, PayMaya, or PayLoro.
  4. Enter withdrawal information. Accurately fill in the necessary payment information for your bank account or e-wallet transfer. Ensure the withdrawal amount meets the method’s minimum requirement.
  5. Confirm and submit. Double-check the accuracy of your details. Confirm your withdrawal by clicking the “Confirm” button or its equivalent.

Withdrawing cryptocurrency

  1. Opt for cryptocurrency withdrawal. Select the “Crypto” option on the withdrawal page for cryptocurrency withdrawals.
  2. Choose your cryptocurrency. From the list of available cryptocurrencies (e.g., BTC, ETH, USDT), select the one you wish to withdraw. Ensure you have the corresponding wallet.
  3. Enter wallet address. Input the wallet address for your cryptocurrency. If available, you can scan a QR code or manually paste the address.
  4. Specify withdrawal amount. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, adhering to the minimum withdrawal limit for your selected cryptocurrency.
  5. Verify and confirm. Carefully review all withdrawal details, especially the wallet address, to prevent errors. After verification, click “Confirm” or the designated button to finalize your withdrawal request.

Withdrawal methods and withdrawal limits at BC.Game

BC.Game caters to its diverse user base by offering a variety of withdrawal options, spanning both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. This approach ensures that users have the flexibility to withdraw their funds in the manner most convenient or preferable to them. Here’s a detailed look at the withdrawal methods and limits available on BC.Game, reflecting the platform’s commitment to accommodating different player preferences and the dynamic nature of the market.

Fiat currency withdrawal methods and limits

  • Bank transfer. Minimum: 104 PHP. Maximum: 50,000 PHP.
  • GCash. Minimum: 104 PHP. Maximum: 50,000 PHP.
  • PayMaya. Minimum: 10 PHP. Maximum: 10,000 PHP.
  • PayLoro. Minimum: 137 PHP. Maximum: 50,000 PHP.

Cryptocurrency withdrawal methods and limits

Cryptocurrency withdrawals at BC.Game are known for their higher maximum limits, appealing to users with substantial account balances. The limits are designed to accommodate large withdrawals while ensuring the security of transactions.

  • USDT (Tether). Minimum: From 39.990489 USDT.
  • ETH (Ethereum). Minimum Withdrawal: From 0.014 ETH.
  • BTC (Bitcoin). Minimum Withdrawal: From 0.001019 BTC.

What cryptocurrencies can be withdrawn in from BC.Game

BC.Game celebrates the diverse selection of cryptos for withdrawals, all in the aim of taking care of its clientele’s predilections and corresponding to a very broad scope of ecosystems within digital money. This will further strengthen not only the availability of BC.Game for users all over the world but also highlight BC.Game’s continuous commitment to being at the frontiers of the latest trends in online casinos and sportsbooks. The choice of withdrawing cryptocurrencies is limited only by the never-ending change; BC.Game is following up with zeal and enlists its diversification on the dynamic trends and cryptocurrency environment demands. Below is a synopsis some of cryptocurrencies presently available for withdrawal from BC.Game.

List of available cryptocurrencies

BTC (Bitcoin)
SATS (Satoshi)
ETH (Ethereum)
BNB (Binance Coin)
DOGE (Doge Coin)
USDT (Tether)
XRP (Ripple)
LTC (Litecoin)
BCH (Bitcoin Cash)
XLM (Stellar)
DOT (Polkadot)
LINK (ChainLink)
DAI (Multi-collateral DAI)
XMR (Monero)
BSV (Bitcoin SV)
UNI (Uniswap)
KSM (Kusama)
AMPL (Ampleforth)
WBTC (Wrapped BTC)
SNX (Synthetix Network)
CRO (Crypto.com Coin)
AAVE (Aave Token)
YFI (yearn.finance)
ATOM (Cosmos)
MANA (Decentraland)
BAT (Basic Attention Token)
ENJ (Enjin Coin)
CRV (Curve DAO Token)
BTG (Bitcoin Gold)
ALGO (Algorand)
ICP (Internet Computer)
HBAR (Hedera)
TFUEL (Theta Fuel)
DGB (DigiByte)
JPEG (JPEG’d Governance)
SAMO (Samoyedcoin)
SNACK (Crypto Snack)
CAKE (PancakeSwap)
TWT (Trust Wallet Token)
KLAY KAS (Kaspa)
LUNC (Terra)
JB (JB Coin)
GODS (Gods Unchained)
YGG (Yield Guild Games)
MATIC (Polygon)
NEAR (NEAR Protocol)
BCL (BC Lottery)
AVAX (AVAX Protocol)
FTM (Fantom)
ONE (Harmony)
SOL (Solana)
ETC (Ethereum Classic)
TOMO (TomoChain)
ADA (Cardano)
VET RVN (Ravencoin)
SAND (The Sandbox)
DCR (Decred)
EGLD (Elrond)
NEWBTT (BitTorrent New)
APE (ApeCoin)
BUSD (Binance USD)
AXS (Axie Infinity Shard)
ZIL (Zilliqa)
PEOPLE (ConstitutionDAO)

How to reach the 38th level of VIP status and cancel the withdrawal fee

Ascending to the 38th echelon of VIP distinction at BC.Game is a testament to a player’s unwavering commitment, consistent engagement, and significant contribution to the casino’s ecosystem. This level of achievement not only exempts one from the usual withdrawal charges but also unlocks an array of elite benefits. These include dedicated VIP support, unparalleled bonuses, elevated wagering thresholds, and exclusive access to VIP-centric events and competitions.

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Does BC.Game pay out according to player reviews

Based on the information available, BC.Game is regarded positively in various reviews, indicating that the casino does indeed pay out. Reviews and analyses often consider several factors like the casino’s license, game genuineness, customer support quality, and fairness of terms, all of which contribute to its reliability in payouts. The presence of detailed reviews and the emphasis on BC.Game’s growing influence in the crypto betting market suggest that the platform is trustworthy and that withdrawals, including crypto options, are processed as expected. Additionally, the platform’s commitment to offering a wide range of payment methods further supports its reliability in handling transactions efficiently.

BC.Game garnered widespread acclaim among players, celebrated for its exemplary efficiency and rapidity in processing withdrawals and deposits. The platform distinguishes itself through a comprehensive assortment of payment options. The platform’s welcome bonuses also receive high marks, offering players a substantial boost of up to 300% on their initial deposits, in addition to a series of ongoing promotions and progressive bonuses that enhance as further funds are deposited.

What to do if you have problems with withdrawing money from BC.Game

In the event of delays or complications with fiat currency withdrawals on BC.Game, the resolution steps hinge significantly on the current status of your withdrawal. The following guidance aims to clarify the withdrawal status and the appropriate actions to take.

If the status indicates “Withdrawing”

  • Meaning. This status signifies that your withdrawal request has been forwarded to the payment processor for further action.
  • Expected processing time. The withdrawal process should culminate successfully, making funds accessible in your account within a maximum of 48 hours subsequent to receiving confirmation from the payment provider.
  • Within 48 hours. Should the 48-hour mark be approached without completion, it is recommended to remain patient, as the transaction is still within the typical processing timeframe.
  • After 48 hours. Should it surpass 48 hours with the status still indicating “Withdrawing,” it is then appropriate to escalate the issue by contacting BC.Game’s customer support for further assistance.

If the status is “Success”

  • Meaning. This status confirms that the Payment Service Provider has successfully processed your withdrawal request.
  • Expected time frame for receipt. Following the confirmation, the funds should be reflected in your account within 24 hours.
  • Within 24 hours. If the funds have not appeared in your account within this period, maintaining patience is advisable.
  • Beyond 24 hours. Should more than 24 hours pass post-update to “Success” without the funds being credited to your account, reaching out to customer support promptly is crucial.
  • Documentation. In instances requiring contact with customer support regarding transaction issues, having your most recent bank statement in PDF format, showcasing transactions from the withdrawal request date to the present, can significantly expedite the transaction verification process and aid in swift resolution.

BC.Game customer withdrawal help and support

BC.Game shines in its unwavering commitment to superior customer service, ensuring players receive comprehensive assistance at any hour. This dedication underscores BC.Game’s promise to deliver a smooth and delightful gaming journey for all its members. Below is a summary of the support avenues BC.Game offers:

24/7 live chat assistance

  • One of the most immediate modes of support is the platform’s live chat function. Operational 24/7, this feature enables gamers to swiftly engage with a support representative, facilitating prompt solutions to any inquiries or issues they may face. This tool is highly valued for its ease of access and the effectiveness of the support personnel.

Email support channel

  • For inquiries or issues necessitating in-depth exploration, players can contact the BC.Game support team through email. The designated support email, [email protected], receives vigilant oversight to assure responses are provided without delay. Email correspondence is particularly suited for addressing intricate matters, the process of account validation, and sharing of insights.

Engagement via social media and community forums

  • BC.Game also establishes its presence across various social media and community forums, including a bespoke Telegram channel. These platforms do not just offer alternative support channels but also cultivate a community spirit among participants. They are excellent resources for keeping abreast of promotional events, introductions of new games, and updates pertaining to the platform.

FAQ and self-help repository

  • The BC.Game site hosts an exhaustive FAQ segment and a Help Center, crafted to dispense immediate solutions to frequently posed queries and challenges. Encompassing an array of topics from the creation of accounts, transaction procedures, to the intricacies of game rules and bonus policies, the FAQ serves as an effective tool for autonomous support.


What verification documents are required for withdrawing at BC.Game?

BC.Game implements KYC (Know Your Customer) protocols to foster a secure and reliable gaming atmosphere. For withdrawals, especially substantial sums or under specific circumstances, players might be required to submit identification documentation. These documents typically encompass a government-issued ID, proof of address, and, in certain instances, verification of ownership for the utilized payment method. The precise documentation needed may fluctuate based on the transaction’s magnitude and adherence to regulatory mandates.

How can players cancel a withdrawal request at BC.Game?

Regarding the cancellation of withdrawal requests at BC.Game, once a request is initiated, it usually progresses swiftly to processing, reflecting the platform’s commitment to transaction efficiency. Should a player need to cancel a withdrawal, reaching out to customer support promptly is crucial. The feasibility of canceling depends on whether the transaction has yet to be processed or is still in the pending stage. It’s vital to remember that blockchain-based transactions are final once executed.

Is there a limit to the number of withdrawals a player can make daily at BC.Game?

As for withdrawal frequency limitations, BC.Game does not set a definitive cap on the number of withdrawals a player can execute daily. Nonetheless, each withdrawal is subject to the cryptocurrency’s minimum withdrawal threshold and potential network fees. Players contemplating frequent withdrawals should note that such activities may trigger additional scrutiny by the platform’s security personnel, aimed at ensuring adherence to anti-fraud and anti-money laundering protocols.

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