Passing the KYC procedure in BC.Game

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a user verification procedure present in almost every online casino, and BC.Game is no exception. BC.Game require KYC. It is necessary to facilitate the moderation of winnings and make sure that the account is a real decent person, and not a script for slot fraud.

It can be completed in less than an hour, in just a few steps.

How to successfully pass BC.Game KYC Verification

Mastering the KYC (Know Your Customer) validation protocol at BC.Game is pivotal for unleashing the full spectrum of functionalities and offerings on the platform. Below is an elucidated directive for locating the KYC segment within the user interface and consummating the authentication with efficacy.

  1. Initiate access to your portfolio. Employ your unique credentials to gain entry into your BC.Game portfolio.
  2. Transition to account configurations. Post-entry, scout for the account or silhouette emblem, typically positioned at the zenith right quadrant of the primary interface. A click here unfurls a dropdown menu.
  3. Traverse to the “Global Setting” compartment. Within the cascade of options, seek an inscription akin to “Global Setting” followed by “Verify Setup”. This alcove is the sanctum for the KYC undertakings.
  4. Embark on the KYC. Opting for the verification passage propels you into a realm or sequence of realms delineating the requisite strides and documentation for authentication fulfillment.

Basic information

Commence by meticulously entering your complete legal name, nativity date, and domicile coordinates as delineated on your identification credentials. It is imperative to eliminate any deviations or orthographic missteps.

  • Necessities. Furnish your unabridged lawful name, date of inception, and extant living quarters’ address. These particulars must mirror those inscribed on your identification papers precisely.
  • Guidance. Rigorously scrutinize for typographical blunders or inaccuracies. Disparities between the proffered data and your documentation may precipitate postponements or nonacceptances in the KYC trajectory.

Identity document

Proceed to upload a distinct scan or photograph of an unexpired, official identification document (such as a passport, driver’s permit, or national identification card). This document must clearly display your full name, birth date, likeness, and the expiry date.

  • Requirements. An unambiguous and legitimate state-sanctioned identification showcasing your portrait, name, genesis date, and a termination date. Commonly accepted documents encompass passports, driving licenses, or national identification cards.
  • Advisories. Verify the document’s validity, ensuring it has not surpassed its expiration. The entirety of the document should be comprehensively captured in the image, ensuring no segments are truncated or concealed. High-definition imagery is recommended to avert potential hold-ups.

Proof of residence

Furnish a contemporary document (issued within the prior triad of months) that corroborates your habitation. Permissible documents encompass utility invoices, financial statements, or any formal document that lucidly exhibits your nomenclature and abode.

  • Requisites. A document, not surpassing a quarter year in age, that lucidly delineates your designation and domicile. This might be a utility invoice, financial institution declaration, or any formal missive from a recognized body.
  • Counsels: Digital renditions are typically sanctioned. yet ensure the entire document is visible without cropping, showcasing all quadrants. The document’s recency is crucial for its validity, and it must align with the domicile detailed in your foundational data.

The correct photo

Execute a photograph wherein you are clasping your identification along with a handwritten memorandum that inscribes “BC.Game”, your pseudonym, and the extant date. It is vital that your visage, the identification, and the scribbled note are distinctly perceptible.

  • Demands. A self-portrait with you brandishing your identification credential and a script. The inscription must enfold “BC.Game”, your alias, and the day’s date. This imagery is pivotal for corroborating your identity in juxtaposition with the tendered documents and affirming the submission’s authenticity by the bona fide document possessor.
  • Suggestions. Opt for an ambiance with ample illumination where your countenance is unambiguously discernible — abstain from headgear, dark glasses, or any paraphernalia that conceals your features. The identification and notation ought to be readable in the image. Ascertain that your script is legible, displaying all mandated data with precision.
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How long does it take to moderate and verify an account

At BC.Game, the process of KYC account verification is designed with the user’s convenience and security in mind. Generally, the moderation and verification of an account can be impressively swift, often completed within just a few minutes.

Common mistakes in KYC verification at BC.Game

In the realm of BC.Game’s Know Your Customer (KYC) protocol, akin to numerous digital gaming arenas, certain prevalent oversights can encumber or convolute the verification odyssey. Grasping these snags can facilitate a more streamlined, expedited KYC engagement. Highlighted below are pivotal missteps to eschew.


Can I withdraw my winnings without completing KYC verification at BC.Game?

At BC.Game, the withdrawal of winnings is contingent upon the completion of the KYC verification procedure, a quintessential step instituted to fortify transactional integrity and confirm the rightful ownership of funds. This measure serves as a bulwark against fraudulent endeavors, the circulation of illicit funds, and participation by underage individuals. Withdrawals remain in abeyance pending the fulfillment of the KYC prerequisites. The fruition of this process not only fortifies your account but also paves the way for unfettered financial exchanges, inclusive of fund withdrawals.

What happens if my KYC documents are rejected by BC.Game?

In instances where BC.Game finds the submitted KYC documentation wanting, the platform will delineate the grounds for rejection, which may encompass issues such as subpar document quality, the submission of obsolete or inapplicable credentials, or incongruities in the information tendered. Post-rejection, you are afforded the latitude to rectify the highlighted concerns and resubmit your documents for reevaluation. Diligence in adhering to BC.Game’s stipulated criteria, ensuring the lucidity, validity, and comprehensive compliance of your documents with the KYC mandates is paramount. Should challenges arise or clarity is sought on the nature of the rejection, the customer support echelon of BC.Game stands ready round-the-clock to offer requisite assistance.

Is my personal information safe during the KYC process at BC.Game?

Regarding the safeguarding of personal data throughout the KYC procedure at BC.Game, the platform is steadfast in its commitment to data security and privacy. Leveraging state-of-the-art encryption methodologies alongside secure data storage solutions, BC.Game ensures the sanctity of the personal data and documents proffered during the KYC process. Access to such sensitive information is strictly circumscribed to authorized personnel, tasked with verification and adherence to regulatory edicts. In its unwavering adherence to stringent privacy protocols and data protection norms, BC.Game guarantees the confidentiality of your information, preventing its misuse or unauthorized dissemination.

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