BC.Game Rakeback Unlock Guide

BCD at BC.Game allows you to place additional bets in slots on top of the main deposit. Bonuses are credited in this currency.

Unlocking it is quite simple, but it takes time and playing slots.

What is BCD in BC.Game

BCD, short for BC Dollar, is a bespoke digital currency tailored for the BC.Game platform. While its operation is confined within the platform, BCD’s value and applicability are meticulously crafted to augment the gaming experiences of BC.Game’s user base. For ease of transactions on the platform, 1 BCD is typically equated to 1 USD, streamlining the process of understanding bets and winnings for users.

BCD in Action

  • Deposit bonuses. BCD can be acquired as a component of deposit bonuses, awarded to players who top up their accounts with cryptocurrency.
  • Promotions and contests. By engaging in various promotions, contests, and completing daily tasks unique to the platform, players have the opportunity to earn BCD rewards.
  • VIP incentives. Advancement through the VIP tiers can result in BCD being included within the reward packages for players.

BCD’s versatility within the BC.Game ecosystem

  • Gaming. BCD serves as a currency for wagering across a diverse array of games on BC.Game, encompassing everything from slots and table games to live dealer and unique proprietary offerings.
  • Staking. The platform may present opportunities for players to stake their BCD, in return for rewards or interest, introducing an investment angle to the gaming journey.
  • Conversion and withdrawal. Primarily utilized within the BC.Game platform, there exists the possibility for players to convert BCD to alternative cryptocurrencies according to the platform’s stipulations. This capability enables players to potentially withdraw their BCD in the form of a different cryptocurrency, should they opt to do so.
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How to unlock BC.Game BCD Rakeback

Activating BCD Rakeback is a process that rewards your active participation and wagering on BC.Game’s array of gaming options. Here’s a detailed guide to accessing this rewarding feature.

  1. Initiate your gaming. Dive into the gaming world of BC.Game by engaging with any game available on the platform. You have the liberty to select from an extensive range of slot games or explore the unique in-house original games, as all contribute towards BCD Rakeback.
  2. Wager accumulation. Your gameplay involves placing bets, and each bet propels you closer to unlocking BCD. The mechanism to unlock BCD correlates directly with your wagered amount on the platform, making every bet count.
  3. Monitor your milestones. The platform employs a straightforward tracking mechanism — for every $500 wagered, you unlock $1 worth of BCD, and for each $1000 wagered, $2 worth of BCD is unlocked. This process is seamlessly integrated into your gaming activities, allowing for automatic tracking as you engage with the games.
  4. Redeem your BCD. Keep an eye on your BCD accumulation through the BCD Dashboard on BC.Game. This tool allows you to monitor your unlocked BCD and, once a satisfactory amount has been amassed, you can utilize it across the platform for further gaming or explore other opportunities that BC.Game offers.
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Is it necessary to unlock it

Wagering is the only method to unlock BCD rewards at BC.Game. There aren’t any alternatives to this process. All BCD rewards, including those from the rakeback and deposit bonuses, require active participation on the platform and are unlocked based on the amount wagered in games. 

Why unlocking BCD is necessary

How to unlock BC.Game BCD the fastest

To swiftly unlock BCD (BC Dollar) on BC.Game, a strategic approach to gameplay and the selection of games is essential. Given that BCD is unlocked as you wager, the objective is to heighten your wagering volume while minimizing potential losses. Here’s how to navigate this effectively.

How to track unlocking progress

To track your progress and manage your BC Dollar (BCD) on BC.Game, you can utilize the platform’s user-friendly interface designed to keep players informed about their achievements, bonuses, and overall standing. The primary tool for tracking your BCD progress is the BCD Bonus History in BCD Rakeback on the BC.Game platform. 

  1. Navigate to the dashboard. On the BC.Game interface, look for a section or icon labeled “Bonus”. In this section, locate the BCD Rakeback panel.
  2. View BCD details. Within the BCD Dashboard, you’ll find comprehensive details regarding your BCD, including Locked BCD – shows the amount of BCD you’ve earned but is still locked. This section is crucial for understanding how much more wagering you need to do to unlock your BCD. Unlocked BCD – displays the BCD you have successfully unlocked and is available for use on the platform.
  3. Progress bar/scale. Dashboards feature a progress bar or scale that visually represents how close you are to unlocking your next portion of BCD, giving you a quick glance at your current status.
  4. Track wagering requirements. It also shows the wagering requirements left to unlock more BCD, making it easier to plan your gaming strategy.


Can I use BCD to play all games on BC.GAME?

Yes, BC Dollar (BCD) serves as a versatile currency on BC.Game, enabling you to engage with a broad spectrum of games on the platform. As the proprietary digital token of BC.Game, BCD mirrors the utility of USD within the site’s ecosystem. Its integration across the platform’s offerings allows for its use in a diverse array of gaming experiences, encompassing both unique in-house originals and an extensive selection of slots.

Is there a limit to how much BCD I can earn through deposit bonuses and promotions?

Regarding the accumulation of BCD through deposit bonuses and promotions, BC.Game does impose limits and specific conditions on each promotional offering. The potential BCD earnings from deposit bonuses are contingent upon your deposit size and the particular conditions of the current promotional initiative.

How long does it take for my BCD to unlock after meeting the wagering requirements?

Upon fulfilling the wagering prerequisites requisite for unlocking BCD, the transition of BCD to an unlocked state is automated. Consequently, your BCD should become promptly accessible for gameplay or withdrawal, typically materializing instantaneously or within a minimal time frame. However, this duration may vary slightly based on the operational throughput of the platform’s servers and the prevailing conditions of the blockchain network.

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