All available BC.Game bonuses to boost your success

In addition to a 1200% bonus for the first 4 deposits, BC.Game has a developed bonus system that includes: interesting daily and weekly tasks with cash rewards, cashback, random events, and a referral bonus for a friend.

But the most attractive thing you can get right now is a 300% welcome bonus. Make sure you get an easy start!

Special offer for Philippines – 300% BC.Game Welcome bonus

BC.Game, a distinguished crypto casino and sportsbook, extends an unparalleled invitation to its players in the Philippines, offering a phenomenal chance to magnify their inaugural gaming foray. Whereas new entrants are traditionally welcomed with a lavish 180% bonus on their first deposit, players from the Philippines are presented with an exclusive opportunity to augment this to an extraordinary 300% welcome bonus, thereby injecting an unmatched degree of value into their initial interaction with the platform.

An easy start that no other casino offers!
Get 300% on your first deposit if you deposit within 7 minutes after registration.
Get 300% bonus!

Last used 6 minutes ago

  1. Initiating your game. Embark by navigating to the website’s upper right corner and clicking the “Sign up” option. Registration is accessible via email, phone number, or social media platforms, offering a secure and seamless initiation tailored to your convenience.
  2. Timeliness is crucial. Subsequent to finalizing your registration, initiate your first deposit within a crucial 7-minute timeframe. This rapid response distinguishes those benefitting from the standard 180% bonus from those reveling in the elevated 300% welcome bonus.
  3. Selecting a deposit method. BC.Game caters to Philippines players with an assortment of deposit options, encompassing GCash, PayMaya, GrabPay, bank transfers, and a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies. Opt for the method that aligns with your preferences.
  4. Adhering to the minimum deposit. Ascertain that your inaugural deposit meets or exceeds the stipulated minimum for the 300% bonus. This pivotal action is essential to qualify for the enhanced bonus offer.
  5. Reaping your bonus. Successful deposition within the designated 7-minute period automatically bestows the 300% bonus onto your account. This considerable bonus not only expands your gaming capacity but also substantially elevates your winning prospects.

BC.Game Bonuses for as many as 4 deposits

The deposit bonuses architecture at BC.Game is thoughtfully constructed to dispense increasing rewards with each successive deposit among the first four made by a newcomer, culminating in a potential 1200% bonus.

Referral bonus for a friend

BC.Game distinguishes itself within the realm of online crypto casinos and sportsbooks not only through its extensive array of gaming and betting options but also via its rewarding bonus schemes aimed at generously compensating its players. Among these incentives, the Referral Bonus emerges as a particularly enticing reward, motivating players to spread the word about BC.Game to friends and fellow gaming aficionados.

Advantages of the referral bonus

  • Sustained earnings. Diverging from a singular bonus, the referral program provides the opportunity for ongoing commission earnings, offering a consistent flow of bonuses as long as your referred acquaintances stay active on the platform.
  • Unlimited referral potential. The system imposes no restrictions on the number of friends you can introduce, thereby rendering your potential earnings from the Referral Bonus system boundless.
  • Community enrichment. Inviting friends does more than augment your bonus; it contributes to the expansion and diversification of the BC.Game community, enhancing its dynamism and variety.

Securing the referral bonus

  1. Initiate your referral link. Access your BC.Game account and proceed to the referral segment. Within this area, you’re equipped to generate a distinctive referral link tied specifically to your account.
  2. Distribute the link. With your referral link in hand, disseminate it amongst your circle via social media, electronic mail, or direct messaging.
  3. Referral link registration. It’s imperative that your companions register at BC.Game through your referral link. This ensures the system acknowledges the newcomer as your referent, thereby making you eligible for the bonus.
  4. Relish in the benefits. Following your referred friend’s initial deposit and commencement of play, the referral bonus becomes effective. As the referrer, you are entitled to a bonus of 56,103.98 PHP in addition to a 15% commission on all the wagers they place.

Promocodes at BC.Game

Promocodes constitute unique amalgamations of alphabets and digits that, upon application on the BC.Game platform, reveal specific bonuses or promotional offerings. These codes are ingeniously crafted to augment players’ deposits with additional value, furnish opportunities for complimentary gameplay, or even offer rebates under particular conditions.

Where to look for BC.Game promo codes

An easy start that no other casino offers!
Get 300% on your first deposit if you deposit within 7 minutes after registration.
Get 300% bonus!

Last used 6 minutes ago

Enacting a promocode

  1. Direct yourself to the promocode section. Scout for the area on the website designated for promo code submission, typically situated within account preferences, or amidst the bonuses, promotions, or wallet sections.
  2. Enter your promocode. With meticulous care, inscribe or paste the promo code into the designated slot. Accuracy is paramount, as promo codes are fastidious about case and format, demanding an exact match.
  3. Initiate the bonus. Post the promo code submission, proceed to validate or activate it, thereby appending the bonus to your account. While certain bonuses are accredited forthwith, others may necessitate a deposit to unfurl the attendant benefits.

No deposit BC.Game bonus for leveling up

BC.Game’s VIP program is a testament to its commitment to rewarding loyal players with increasingly lucrative benefits as they ascend through the VIP levels. From Bronze all the way to the Diamond tier, each level-up unlocks a host of rewards designed to enhance the gaming experience significantly. Here’s a detailed overview of what players can expect as they progress through the ranks.

Bronze VIP
(Levels 2-7)
Level-up bonus. Receive a total of 1.04 BCD as a welcome to the VIP program.
Raining. Engage in the chat to benefit from the Rain algorithm, which rewards highly active chat participants.
Coin Drops. The ability to create coin drops in chat, sharing the wealth with friends and fellow players.
Silver VIP
(Levels 8-21)
Inherits all benefits from Bronze level.
Level-up bonus. A generous increase to 18.90 BCD for each level ascended within this bracket.
Tips. The option to send tips to other players, fostering a sense of community and appreciation.
VIP spin. An extra lucky spin awarded with each new VIP level, starting from level 8, offering additional chances to win big.
Gold VIP
(Levels 22-37)
Inherits all benefits from previous levels.
Level-up bonus. A significant jump to 204.00 BCD, rewarding players for their continued loyalty.
Recharge. Activate a Recharge for a 10-16% bonus based on 1% of wagered amounts for 7 consecutive days, with the rate improving with higher wages.
Weekly and monthly cashback. Enjoy cashback bonuses based on wager amounts, with weekly bonuses at Wager1%5% and monthly bonuses at Wager1%3%.
Sports weekly bonus. Earn extra bonuses for sports wagering, with rewards scaling up based on the weekly wager amount.
Platinum I VIP
(Levels 38-55)
Inherits all benefits from previous levels.
Level-up bonus. Elevates to 1905.00 BCD, greatly increasing the player’s bonus pool.
Recharge rate increase. Recharge rates improve to 12-18%, offering higher bonuses for sustained wagering activity.
Enhanced weekly and monthly cashback. Weekly cashback rises to Wager1%8%, and monthly cashback to Wager1%3.5%.
VIP host and no-fee withdrawal. Gain access to a personal VIP host and enjoy the luxury of withdrawing cryptocurrency without any fees.
Platinum II VIP
(Levels 56-69)
Inherits all benefits from previous levels.
Level-up bonus.: A substantial boost to 5850.00 BCD for each level achieved within this tier.
Recharge rate enhancement. Recharge bonus rates increase to 14-20%, rewarding players more for their loyalty and play.
Continued cashback and sports bonuses. Maintain generous weekly and monthly cashback rates and sports wagering bonuses, enhancing the value of bets placed.
Diamond I SVIP
(Levels 1-15)
Inherits all benefits from previous levels.
Level-up bonus. A massive leap to 30600.00 BCD, significantly enriching the player’s experience and reward potential.
Recharge rate peak. Recharge rates reach their zenith at 16-22%, offering the highest bonus percentages for wagering.
Unmatched cashback. Weekly and monthly cashback bonuses are maximized, along with continued sports betting rewards.
Diamond II SVIP
(Levels 16-37)
Inherits all benefits from previous levels.
Level-up bonus. Soars to 297800.00 BCD, marking an extraordinary reward for players reaching this tier.
Top-tier recharge rates. At 18-24%, these are among the highest recharge rates offered, significantly rewarding players’ wagers.
Superior cashback and sports bonuses. Continue enjoying the best cashback rates and sports wager bonuses available, further enhancing the VIP experience.
Diamond III SVIP
(Levels 38-55)
Inherits all benefits from previous levels.
Level-up bonus. An unparalleled bonus of 1462000.00 BCD per level, representing the pinnacle of BC.Game’s VIP rewards.
Ultimate recharge rates. The recharge rate caps at 20-25%, offering the most lucrative bonuses for players’ wagers.
Exclusive SVIP perks and luxury giveaways. Enjoy the highest level of personalized service, exclusive perks, and entry into luxury giveaways, solidifying Diamond III SVIPs as the elite echelon of BC.Game’s community.

BC.Game Lucky Spin bonus

BC.Game bolsters player engagement with its enthralling Lucky Spin feature, presenting a novel avenue for users to accrue extra rewards, inclusive of cryptocurrencies and diverse bonuses. This captivating enhancement not only broadens playtime but also endows players with supplementary funds to delve into the extensive array of gaming encounters offered on the platform.

Maximizing the benefits of the Lucky Spin at BC.Game

  • Membership prerequisite. The Lucky Spin is exclusively accessible to registered members of BC.Game, ensuring that this benefit is reserved for the platform’s active community.
  • Finding the Lucky Spin. Though it may not be immediately conspicuous, the Lucky Spin feature is intentionally easy to locate and designed to draw attention, typically positioned within the casino’s navigation menu or highlighted on the toolbar atop the homepage.
  • Engaging the spin. Qualified players are granted one free spin daily. To utilize this opportunity, simply click the “Start” button and observe the wheel’s spin, eagerly awaiting your prize.
  • Securing your reward. Upon the wheel’s halt, your prize is promptly unveiled, with possible rewards spanning from modest cryptocurrency increments to significant bonuses designated for on-platform utilization.
An easy start that no other casino offers!
Get 300% on your first deposit if you deposit within 7 minutes after registration.
Get 300% bonus!

Last used 6 minutes ago

Coco Bonus at BC.Game

The Coco Bonus stands out as a distinctive and captivating feature at BC.Game, particularly enthralling for users who have ascended to VIP14 status and beyond. This feature ingeniously integrates an element of surprise and reward into the gaming milieu, thereby nurturing player engagement and allegiance.

Deciphering the Coco Bonus

  • Unpredictable encounters. The Coco spider makes its appearance on the BC.Game platform at random intervals every 6 hours, infusing an exciting layer of fun and anticipation for players during their site navigation.
  • Reward claiming mechanism. Vigilance is key for players, as spotting the COCO spider during gameplay enables them to click on it to claim BCD (BC.Game’s proprietary cryptocurrency) rewards.
  • VIP level incentives. The quantum of BCD rewards attainable by clicking on the COCO spider is contingent upon a player’s VIP level. Ascending through the VIP echelons can significantly amplify the rewards, rendering the Coco Bonus an increasingly lucrative feature as players progress in status.

Strategies to enhance Coco Bonus yields

  • Consistent engagement: Owing to the COCO spider’s sporadic appearances every 6 hours, maintaining a regular presence on BC.Game boosts your likelihood of encountering the spider and seizing rewards.
  • VIP level advancement. Active participation in platform games and sustained membership engagement facilitates progression through VIP levels. Elevating your VIP status not only augments the Coco Bonus rewards but also unlocks additional privileges and benefits on BC.Game, enriching the overall gaming experience.

Raining Bonus

BC.Game introduces the Raining Bonus, a novel feature aimed at boosting user engagement and rewarding active participation within the platform’s chat rooms. This bonus enhances the community atmosphere by encouraging players to take part in day-long conversations, thus creating a more lively and interactive environment.

Exploring the Raining Bonus

  • Reward for active participation. The Raining Bonus is designed to compensate players for their active involvement in chat conversations on BC.Game. This feature offers a unique opportunity to earn free coins simply by engaging with the community.
  • Opportunities for reward. The system is set to randomly select six players every 6 hours, who are level 4 or higher and have been active in the chat room, to receive the bonus. This mechanism provides frequent chances for players to gain rewards daily.
  • Diverse currency rewards. Given the variety of cryptocurrencies supported by BC.Game, the bonus amounts may be awarded in different currencies. This variability introduces a thrilling aspect to the bonus, as players can receive rewards in various forms.

Guidelines for the Raining Bonus

  • Qualification criteria for players. Eligibility for the Raining Bonus requires players to attain a VIP level of 4 or above, ensuring that active and committed community members are rewarded.
  • Random selection process. Winners are determined by a Rain algorithm that selects participants based on their chat activity levels. The more a player contributes to the chat, the higher their chances of receiving a reward.
  • Winner announcements. Notifications regarding the Rain Bonus, including winner announcements, are conveyed within the chat room through automated messages from chatbots. This system ensures transparent and timely communication of the bonus distribution.
An easy start that no other casino offers!
Get 300% on your first deposit if you deposit within 7 minutes after registration.
Get 300% bonus!

Last used 6 minutes ago

Daily and weekly BC.Game tasks

BC.Game enriches the gaming experience for its community through an engaging set of daily and weekly tasks, designed to reward players for their active participation and achievements on the platform. These tasks not only offer extra incentives to explore the wide variety of games available but also keep the gameplay exciting and rewarding.

Daily missionsDescription
Roulette Multiplayer MasterObjective. Achieve a winning streak of 3 rounds in Roulette Multiplayer.
Requirement. Each bet must be greater than $0.40.
Reward. Earn 0.1 BCD for completing this mission.
Video Poker MasterObjective. Secure a winning streak of 3 rounds in Video Poker.
Requirementю Bets should exceed $0.40.
Rewardю Completion of this task rewards you with 0.1 BCD.
Slots MasterObjective. Reach a single-day profit of $4.00 in any third-party Slots game.
Reward. Successfully achieving this goal will earn you 0.4 BCD.
Weekly mission Description
Wager Week Objective. The weekly mission challenges players to reach a cumulative bet total of $700 across all games within a week.
Description. This mission is designed to reward consistent play over the course of the week, encouraging players to explore the diverse gaming options available on BC.Game.


BC.Game rejuvenates the venerable cashback, ushering it into the digital era with a cryptocurrency twist, thereby broadening accessibility, enhancing fairness available at VIP 22, and augmenting the rewards for a global cohort of enthusiasts.


BC.Game rejuvenates the venerable lottery, ushering it into the digital era with a cryptocurrency twist, thereby broadening accessibility, enhancing fairness, and augmenting the rewards for a global cohort of enthusiasts.

Advantages of different VIP status levels

The VIP program at BC.Game is meticulously designed to progressively enrich the player’s experience as they ascend through different levels. Here’s how each tier enhances your journey.


Can I withdraw my bonus winnings immediately at BC.Game?

Withdrawal of bonus winnings on BC.Game mandates the fulfillment of certain wagering prerequisites, unique to each bonus type, aimed at promoting equitable gameplay and sustained engagement on the platform. Upon the satisfaction of these stipulations, you are entitled to withdraw your bonus earnings in adherence to the site’s established withdrawal protocols.

Are bonuses at BC.Game available to all players, including those new to the platform?

BC.Game extends a plethora of bonuses to its entire user base, encompassing novices and seasoned players alike. Fresh entrants are greeted with enticing welcome bonuses, including “Claim Rewards” for executing specific actions and a “Deposit Bonus” for initial deposits. Moreover, exclusive promotions like Flash Drops and daily tasks are accessible, with certain offers tailored exclusively for users who meet particular criteria, such as achieving specified VIP levels.

How often does BC.Game introduce new bonuses and promotions?

The introduction of new bonuses and promotional activities at BC.Game occurs with notable frequency, ensuring a constantly revitalized and engaging gaming environment for its users. This encompasses daily and weekly contests, impromptu Flash Drops, and special festivities linked to holidays or significant global events. To remain abreast of the latest bonus and promotional offerings, it is advisable for players to regularly peruse the BC.Game website, subscribe to the platform’s newsletters, and participate in their Telegram channel for instantaneous updates and alerts.

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