Up to 1000 USD for a friend with the BC.Game referral system

BC.Game allows you to get up to 56,000 Philippine pesos for 1 invited friend if they reach a certain level of bets. You can also receive a commission from their deposits.

We have analyzed in detail how to invite a friend to BC.Game in order to get the maximum referral bonuses.

What is the referral system and how it works

BC.Game’s referral system stands out as a dynamic and mutually beneficial program designed for users who wish to earn by introducing new players to the platform. This system is not just a simple affiliate mechanism; it’s a comprehensive reward structure that enriches both the referrer and the new user through various stages of engagement with BC.Game’s extensive array of online casino games and sports betting options.

How the referral system works

  • Referral link. It all begins when you, as an existing user of BC.Game, generate a unique referral link through the “Affiliate” section. This link is your personalized gateway to invite friends, followers, or any potential new players to explore and join BC.Game.
  • Joining through the referral link. When a new user signs up to BC.Game using your referral link, they become your referral. From this point, their activities on the site not only offer them a chance to enjoy a premier online gambling experience but also start to accrue benefits for you.
  • Earning rewards. The rewards system is tiered, focusing on the progression of your referrals through the platform’s levels, specifically from level 4 to level 70. For each level-up milestone your referral achieves, you receive a corresponding USD reward. This means that the more your referral plays and levels up, the more rewards you earn, with up to $1,000 available per referral.
  • Locked fund amount. The total potential earnings from all your referrals are initially stored in a “Locked fund”. This fund gradually unlocks as each referral levels up, ensuring a continuous stream of rewards directly correlated with the activity and loyalty of the players you’ve introduced.
  • VIP referral transfers. BC.Game also acknowledges the value of experienced casino enthusiasts. If your referral transfers their VIP status from another casino, starting at a higher level (e.g., level 13) upon joining BC.Game, you’ll begin receiving rewards from their next level achievement (level 14) onwards. It’s a tailored approach that respects the previous achievements of new members while still rewarding you for bringing them into the BC.Game community.
  • Commission rewards. Beyond the level-up rewards, you’ll earn commission rewards based on the wagering activity of your referrals across all games and betting options available on BC.Game. This commission is a percentage of the bets placed by your referrals, ensuring you benefit from their continued engagement with the platform.
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How much you can earn if you bring one friend to BC.Game

At BC.Game, introducing a friend referral system can lead to substantial rewards, not just in the form of a single bonus, but through a structured rewards system that benefits you as your referral progresses on the platform.

How to use the BC.Game referral code correctly

Leveraging the BC.Game referral code to introduce a friend and ensuring it contributes to rewards encompasses a seamless procedure. Below is a systematic guide to adeptly employing a referral code and encouraging friends to explore the dynamic environment of BC.Game.

Acquire your referral code

  1. Access your profile. Sign into your BC.Game account. Should you lack an account, initiating one is the preliminary step.
  2. Locate the referral segment. Within your account dashboard, proceed to the ‘Affiliate’ section. This area is generally situated in the account settings or under a distinct promotions tab.
  3. Secure your referral code. Within the referral segment, your exclusive referral code or a link will be present. Duplicate this code or link for sharing with acquaintances.

Disseminate the referral code

  1. Distribute the code to acquaintances. Propel your referral code or link towards friends via social platforms, email, or direct messaging. It’s vital they utilize this code or link upon registration for it to be recognized.
  2. Highlight the advantages. Enlighten your friends regarding the merits of joining BC.Game, encompassing the diversity of games, welcoming bonuses, and other perks they stand to gain post-signup.

Assist your friend in the registration process

  1. Utilizing the referral link. Should you dispense a referral link, your friends merely need to click on it, which automatically incorporates your referral code during their signup.
  2. Conclude registration. Ascertain that your friend finalizes the signup process, inclusive of any verification mandated by BC.Game.
  3. Initial deposit. Occasionally, referral bonuses hinge on the referred companion making their inaugural deposit. Verify the prevailing referral program specifications to ascertain if this criterion is applicable.

Redeem your incentives

  • Monitor your referrals. Typically, the referral segment of your account allows visibility into the status of your referred friends and any bonuses accrued.
  • Reap your bonuses. Following the fulfillment of requisite conditions by your friend (e.g., registration, deposit), the referral bonuses are allocated to your account. Comprehending the terms and conditions, like any wagering prerequisites, is crucial to fully benefit from these bonuses.

Where to view referral statistics

In the vibrant world of BC.Game, monitoring your referral metrics is crucial for optimizing and steering your engagement in the referral initiative. These metrics furnish profound insights into the count of referrals you’ve successfully enlisted, their engagement level on the platform, and the cumulative rewards you’ve garnered from the program.

Accessing referral statistics

Understanding referral statistics

  • Total referrals. Denotes the tally of individuals who have registered on the platform utilizing your referral link.
  • Active referrals. Highlights the count of referred individuals actively engaging with BC.Game.
  • Earnings overview. Illustrates the aggregate earnings derived from your referrals. This encompasses commissions from their wagering activities as well as any specific bonuses or rewards linked to their advancements.
  • Level progress. In scenarios where platforms like BC.Game remunerate users based on their referrals’ progression, you will observe metrics pertaining to the current tiers of your referrals and the rewards you have accrued.
  • Locked funds. Should there be any, this section displays earnings presently in a locked state and outlines the prerequisites for their release. This often correlates with the achievement milestones of your referrals.
  • Withdrawal history. Chronicles the withdrawal history of your earnings from the referral scheme, facilitating effective management and financial planning.


What should I do if my referral statistics are not updating?

Sometimes, there may be a delay in the system updating your referral statistics. Give it some time to see if the statistics update after a few hours or by the next day. Ensure that the friends you’ve referred have successfully signed up using your referral link or code and are active on the platform. Referral statistics are directly linked to the activity of your referrals. If there’s a significant delay or you suspect there might be an issue, don’t hesitate to contact BC.Game’s support team. Provide them with details about your issue, and they will help investigate and resolve any discrepancies in your referral statistics.

What happens if my referred friend already had an account with BC.Game?

If your friend already has an account with BC.Game, they cannot be counted as a referral under the referral program’s rules. The program is designed to reward the introduction of new players to the platform. However, there are plenty of opportunities to invite other friends who are not yet part of the BC.Game community, and you can still earn rewards by successfully referring new users who do not have an existing account.

Can I withdraw my referral earnings immediately?

Withdrawal of referral earnings from BC.Game may be subject to certain conditions, such as meeting a minimum withdrawal amount or having the funds locked until your referrals reach certain activity milestones. The “Locked Fund” amount mentioned refers to the rewards that gradually become available as your referrals level up. Once these conditions are met, and your earnings are unlocked, you can proceed with the withdrawal process.

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