Fortune Gems Slot at BC.Game

Fortune Gems is one of the most popular games at BC.Game online casino. In total, BC.Game offers more than 10 000 games from more than 60 providers.

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What is Fortune Gems Slot

RTP (Return to Player)97%
Max Win375x stake
Stakes Range$0.1 to $100
FeaturesMultiplier Reel, Extra Bet Mode, Wild Symbol

Class and elegance meet in Fortune Gems, a game that will take you on a gem-inspired ride, embossed with multiplier bonuses and a unique extra bet opportunity. With the user-friendly design of even an amateur and quite a high RTP joined with low volatility, the game should be interesting for players preferring a constant payout structure. To start enjoying Fortune Gems, simply sign up at BC.Game and dive into the sparkling world of this charming slot.

Fairness and transparency of the BC.Game Fortune Gems winning system

Provable fair

Provable fairness is a way of proving that the outcomes of the game realized in online casinos are fair and not tempered with. Its common use, especially at cryptocurrency-based casinos, are calming players because before each play, they can see for themselves that the game is fair.

Three main components

  • Server seed: Generated by the casino and kept secret.
  • Client seed: Provided by the player’s browser, which can be changed to ensure the results are not predetermined.
  • Nonce: A number that increases with each bet to ensure each spin or game result is unique.

Verification process

Game will start when the casino creates a number of seeds, sends it to the player before the betting, and hashes (converts into a fixed-length string that looks like random). Also, the player’s browser generates a client seed. Both these seeds are concatenated and applied in a calculable way to the nonce, making sure that either the player or casino can’t pre-instruct it.

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How to find Fortune Gems on BC.Game

  1. Open the casino. First, you need to open the casino section by logging in to your BC.Game account and getting to the main dashboard. Then find a tab named ‘Casino’ which is located on the top menu of the user interface.
  2. Click on the game categories. In that casino section, you should be able to meanwhile easily find all game categories. Yours will go under the “Slots” entitled as a Fortune Gems.
  3. Use search bar. If you don’t want to search the game by using categories, search for a game page, which will appear after the previous step, and use the search bar present on the same page. Type in the “Fortune Gems” and press “enter”.
  4. Click on the game. Once you’ve used a search bar or used categories, find the Fortune Gems game and click on the game’s icon.
  5. Start playing. Once the game is open to you, start playing the game by pressing the “start the game” button. Usually, a tutorial or an assistant would pop up to help you learn how to play Fortune Gems.

How to play Fortune Gems

Strategy for playing BC.Game Fortune Gems Slot

The Martingale strategy

  • Start with the minimum bet. Begin at the lowest stake ($0.10).
  • Double after a loss. If a spin results in a loss, double the bet for the next spin.
  • Reset after a win. After a win, revert to the starting bet size.
  • Caveat. This strategy can be risky in slots due to their random nature and because losses can accumulate quickly. Set a loss limit to prevent significant depletion of your bankroll.

The D’Alembert strategy

  • Initial bet. Start with a base unit, for example, $1.
  • Increase after loss. If you lose, increase the next bet by $1.
  • Decrease after win. After a win, reduce the subsequent bet by $1.
  • Balance and control. This method helps maintain a more balanced approach, allowing for longer play sessions with less risk.

How to try the game without making a deposit

  1. Log into Your Account: Start by entering your username and password to log into your BC.Game account.
  2. Navigate to the Game: After logging in, proceed directly to the Fortune Gems game page to explore its features and gameplay options.
  3. Engage Demo Mode: Locate the toggle or switch at the top-right corner of the game interface, just above the gameplay area. Activate this control to switch to Demo Mode, allowing you to play using demo credits rather than real money.

Please be aware that as per the latest updates from BC.Game, the Demo Mode or Free Play for Fortune Gems is temporarily disabled. You will need to wait until this feature is reinstated before you can use it.

Are there any working predictors or scripts for BC.Game Fortune Gems

Scripting in games such as Fortune Gems allows players to automate actions based on specific pre-set criteria. However, it is vital for players to be aware of the risks that come with the use of scripts. BC.Game explicitly states that it does not accept responsibility for any adverse effects that may arise from the use of scripts.

Guidelines for configuring scripts

  • User interface (UI) configuration. Each script should include a UI configuration that allows players to input variables via a custom interface. This setup enables players to make adjustments that reflect their personal gaming preferences.
  • Primary execution function. Scripts must also have a main execution function that processes these inputs to perform actions within the game automatically.

Essential considerations for using scripts

  • Responsibility. Players must take full responsibility for using scripts. They should understand that the results can vary and might impact the game’s integrity and their reputation within the community.
  • Customization. Scripts provide significant opportunities for customization. By adjusting the UI settings, players can tailor scripts to their specific needs, thereby enhancing their overall gaming experience.
  • Risks. While scripts can simplify certain operations within the game, they also carry the risk of causing instability or violating the game’s terms of service.
  • Ethical use. It is imperative for players to operate scripts ethically, following all game rules to ensure a fair and equitable environment for all players.
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What is the RTP of Fortune Gems, and what does that mean for players?

The Return to Player (RTP) for Fortune Gems is set at 97%. This figure represents a theoretical indicator of the amount a player might expect to recover from their wagers over an extended duration of play. Specifically, with an RTP of 97%, it implies that players can anticipate reclaiming approximately $97 for every $100 they bet. This high RTP rate categorizes Fortune Gems as relatively favorable to players, offering a substantial probability of return on their investments.

Can I play Fortune Gems on mobile devices?

Fortune Gems is thoroughly optimized for mobile accessibility. This game accommodates a wide array of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, ensuring a smooth transition across various platforms. Whether you are engaged in gameplay from your desktop or utilizing a mobile device on-the-move, Fortune Gems delivers a uniform gaming experience. BC.Game supports seamless access to the game, obviating the need for any additional software downloads, thereby enhancing convenience for all users.

How often can I expect to win in Fortune Gems?

Classified as a low-volatility game, Fortune Gems is designed to yield wins more frequently, albeit generally smaller in magnitude compared to high-volatility games. This characteristic suits players who prefer continuous gameplay with minimal fluctuations in their bankroll. The structure of Fortune Gems is such that it allows for consistent, albeit smaller, wins which can progressively accumulate, providing a steady and enjoyable gaming experience without sharp financial downturns.

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