How the BC.Game Lottery works

BC.Game Lottery has fully restored the classic lottery that was popular before. But by updating it and integrating it into a convenient, clear interface.

Buy tickets and win the jackpot! We have prepared detailed instructions on how to play the BC.Game lottery.

What is BC.Game Lottery

BC.Game Lottery emerges as an honest platform for lottery aficionados, revolutionizing the traditional lottery experience with daily events that promise substantial rewards. This initiative allows participants to buy tickets, choose their favorable numbers, and stand a chance to clinch remarkable prizes, all within a user-friendly and intuitive interface. This accessibility makes it an attractive option for both novices and veteran lottery players.

The affordability of tickets, combined with the option to purchase them using a variety of currencies, opens the door for a diverse group of players to join in. What distinctly sets BC.Game Lottery apart is its steadfast commitment to fairness. Through the implementation of a provably fair system, participants have the ability to verify the authenticity of each draw themselves. This not only reinforces BC.Game’s dedication to transparent practices but also instills a sense of trust and reliability in the game’s outcomes among players.

What is BCL

BCL, or BC Lottery currency, is an exclusive digital currency introduced by BC.Game specifically for use within the BC.Game Lottery system. This innovative currency facilitates the purchase of lottery tickets on the platform, making it a central element of the lottery gaming experience.

  • Each unit of BCL is pegged at a value of $0.10, providing a straightforward conversion rate for players.
  • BCL’s embodies versatility within the BC.Game ecosystem. Players cannot directly deposit or withdraw BCL, ensuring its dedicated function within the lottery environment.
  • The platform offers flexibility by allowing players to convert other cryptocurrencies into BCL via BC SWAP. This feature enables participants to seamlessly engage with the lottery using their preferred digital currencies, enhancing accessibility and convenience.
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Possible lottery winnings from BC.Game

The BC.Game Lottery presents a fascinating opportunity for players to vie for a spectrum of prizes through a daily drawing process. This lottery functions on a 5+1 ball mechanism, wherein participants select five primary numbers from a range of 1 to 36, along with one supplementary jackpot number from a choice of 1 to 10. This structure introduces various prize tiers, broadening the chances for participants to secure wins under different matching conditions.

  • Grand Prize ($100,000). Attaining the grand prize necessitates a perfect match of all six numbers, incorporating both the five primary and the single jackpot number. In instances where multiple players accomplish this, the grand prize is equitably distributed amongst all winners holding the matching tickets.
  • Second Prize ($3,000). A significant reward is still within reach for those who successfully match the initial five numbers but not the jackpot number, with each applicable ticket garnering a reward of $3,000.
  • Third Prize ($20). A reward of $20 is designated for tickets that match four out of the initial five numbers.
  • Fourth Prize ($1). For achieving a match of three among the first five numbers, players are awarded a $1 prize.
  • Free entry to subsequent draw. Adding a unique element to the lottery, tickets that do not match any of the six numbers drawn are not disregarded. Instead, they are automatically enrolled in the following day’s lottery.
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How to play BC.Game Lottery

Engaging in the BC.Game Lottery unfolds an invigorating opportunity for participants to secure daily prizes through a series of straightforward steps.

  1. Procure tickets.

    – Access the BC.Game Lottery platform by visiting
    – Opt for BCL (BC Lottery currency) or one of the 32 different cryptocurrencies available from the “Coin” dropdown list to facilitate your ticket purchase.
    – With each ticket priced at $0.10, determine the quantity of tickets you desire and finalize your acquisition.

  2. Elect your numbers.

    – For every ticket, a selection of six numbers is required: choose five numbers ranging from 1 to 36 for the principal draw, or select a single number from 1 to 10 for the jackpot draw.
    – You have the liberty to either manually select your numbers for a bespoke experience or employ the “Auto Generate” option for an expedited, randomized selection.

  3. Await the draw.

    – The BC.Game Lottery conducts draws every 8 hours, presenting three opportunities daily to clinch a win.
    – Remain vigilant of the draw timer displayed on the lottery page to stay informed about the timing of the forthcoming draw.

  4. Verify for prizes.

    – Subsequent to the draw, navigate to the Lottery History page at to determine if your selected numbers have garnered any prizes.

  5. Additional insights.

    – BCL is a specialized currency crafted exclusively for the BC.Game Lottery, utilized in ticket procurement and can be acquired by converting other cryptocurrencies via BC SWAP.
    – Enhance your winning prospects by purchasing multiple tickets featuring diverse number combinations. Each ticket procurement results in a distinct number set.

  6. Winning and prize allocation.

    – The prize spectrum is contingent upon the match degree of your numbers.
    – Rewards range from complimentary entry into the subsequent draw for non-matching tickets to the grand prize for accurately matching all six numbers.

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Winning strategy

Winning the BC.Game Lottery, like any lottery game, primarily relies on chance due to its random nature. However, there are strategies and tips players can consider to potentially enhance their experience and possibly increase their chances of winning.

How fair is the lottery system

The BC.Game Lottery distinguishes itself with a steadfast commitment to fairness, anchored by the implementation of a provably fair system. This system represents a benchmark of integrity within the online gaming sphere, enabling players to independently ascertain the randomness and honesty of each lottery draw.

Provably Fair system

Independent verification


What determines the value of the lottery prize?

The valuation of the lottery prize is contingent upon various determinants, encompassing the volume of tickets sold, the distinct stipulations of the lottery contest, and any supplemental prize pools augmented by the platform. In the context of progressive lotteries, a fractional segment of each ticket sale is apportioned to the cumulative prize pool, enabling its augmentation until the emergence of a jackpot victor.

Can I participate in the BC.Game lottery from any country?

Participation in the BC.Game Lottery is feasible for players from a broad spectrum of countries globally. Nevertheless, it is incumbent upon players to affirm that their engagement in online gambling endeavors, inclusive of lotteries, aligns with the legislative and regulatory framework of their respective jurisdictions. BC.Game advocates for responsible gambling and compliance with local statutes, aiming to cultivate a secure and gratifying gaming milieu for all participants.

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