How to log in to your BC.Game account: from mobile and PC

To log in to BC.Game in the Philippines, go to the main page, click the Sign in button, and enter your details in just a few clicks. But when you first sign in, it is important not to miss the chance to increase your deposit by as much as 3 times.

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Login to BC.Game account in the Philippines

Signing in BC.Game from the Philippines is a seamless process, enabling rapid entry into a broad spectrum of online gaming and betting avenues.

  1. Navigate to BC.Game homepage. To revisit the homepage, click on the BC.Game logo or utilize the site’s navigation menu, symbolized by three horizontal lines or dots in the mobile version.
  2. Find the login button. Upon the BC.Game homepage’s load, scout for the “Sign in” button situated in the upper right corner of the screen. Clicking here will direct you to the login page.
  3. Submit your login information. In the designated login fields, input the username and password linked with your BC.Game account. Should your registration have been through an alternative method (like a phone number or social media account), opt for the corresponding route to log in with those credentials.
  4. Execute Two-factor authentication. In case Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is enabled for extra security, you’ll be prompted to enter the verification code produced by your 2FA application. Submit this code to authenticate your identity and proceed to account access.
  5. Engage with your account. Post entering your details (and finalizing 2FA verification, if required), hit the “Log In” button. You should now gain entry to your BC.Game account, ready to delve into the games, manage deposits, initiate bets, or process withdrawals.

Logging into BC.Game through the mobile application

Engaging with BC.Game via a mobile gadget is simplified through its website, meticulously refined for mobile usage. Although BC.Game doesn’t provide an exclusive app within app stores, its website is adeptly fashioned to deliver a seamless experience on mobile browsers, encompassing the entirety of its functionality.

Mobile website characteristics

Installation for Android

  1. Commence access. Utilize Google Chrome or any browser of choice on your Android device to visit the BC.Game website, either by directly entering its URL or through a search engine.
  2. Menu navigation. Upon arrival at the BC.Game homepage, activate the menu icon, commonly represented by “⁝” situated at the upper right, to access the browser’s menu.
  3. App installation. Opt for the “Install App” from the menu. A verification prompt might surface, asking to add the app to your home screen. Confirm by selecting “Add,” completing the setup process.

Installation for iOS

  1. Website initiation. Employ Safari or any browser of preference on your iOS device to navigate to the BC.Game site, by direct URL entry or via a search engine.
  2. Accessing sharing options. Identify the “Share” button on the BC.Game homepage, depicted as an upward arrow inside a rectangle, typically located at the bottom center in Safari or the top row in other browsers. Tap to reveal sharing options.
  3. Add to home screen. Within the sharing menu, select “Add to Home Screen.” A prompt will emerge to establish a shortcut on your iOS home screen. Confirm by tapping “Add” and proceed with any subsequent instructions.

Log in to your BC.Game account from your mobile

  1. Find the login button. With the BC.Game homepage displayed on your mobile browser, locate the “Sign in” button, typically positioned at the screen’s apex. Tap to move to the BC.Game login page.
  2. Input login credentials. On the login page, fill in your username and password linked to your BC.Game account. If registration was completed through an alternative method (e.g., social network or mobile number), choose the corresponding option and follow the instructions to log in.
  3. Execute Two-factor authentication. Should you have enabled Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for added account security, you’ll be prompted to enter the 2FA code from your authentication app. Submit the code to proceed.
  4. Access your account. Post entering your details (and 2FA code, if required), tap the “Log In” button. You are now logged into your BC.Game account, poised to delve into the platform’s assortment of features, games, and betting options from your mobile device.
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Welcome bonus 300% instead of 180% at the first login

BC.Game extends an inviting welcome offer to its new patrons, delivering a significant boost to embark on their gaming voyage within the platform. Among the standout promotions is the chance to secure a 300% bonus on your initial deposit, surpassing the usual 180%. This special offer comes with precise terms and conditions designed to enrich your first encounters with BC.Game.

  • Timeliness matters. Eligibility for the 300% welcome bonus, as opposed to the standard 180%, hinges on making your first deposit within 7 minutes of logging in post-registration. This incentive rewards early depositors with an enhanced bonus, amplifying your resources to delve into BC.Game’s diverse gaming suite.
  • Minimum deposit requirement. A minimum deposit amount may be stipulated to qualify for the bonus. It’s advisable to consult BC.Game’s current terms to ascertain the requisite deposit threshold.
  • Wagering obligations. The 300% welcome bonus is subject to wagering conditions, necessitating you to bet a specific sum prior to the withdrawal of bonus funds or any winnings accrued through them.
  • Game contribution variances. The contribution towards meeting wagering requirements may vary across games, with certain games possibly excluded. Familiarizing yourself with how bonus funds can be employed effectively to satisfy these requirements is crucial.
An easy start that no other casino offers!
Get 300% on your first deposit if you deposit within 7 minutes after registration.
Get 300% bonus!

Last used 6 minutes ago

Incorrect login or password

In the event of receiving an “Incorrect login or password” alert whilst attempting to sign into your BC.Game profile, adhere to these steps to rectify the predicament.

  1. Validate your credentials. Confirm the accuracy of your login particulars. Be mindful of the sensitivity to case in passwords and verify whether Caps Lock is inadvertently activated. Meticulously re-enter your username and password, ensuring precision to circumvent any typographical errors.
  2. Password renewal. Should you remain confident in the correctness of your credentials yet encounter obstacles in signing in, select the “Forgot Password?” link, commonly situated adjacent to the login area. Submit the email address tied to your BC.Game account. An email will be dispatched containing instructions for password renewal. Examine both your primary inbox and junk mail for this correspondence. Utilize the link from the email to formulate a new password, opting for one that is robust and previously unused.
  3. Engage customer support. If the password reset proves futile, or if additional issues hinder your login process, reach out to BC.Game’s customer support. This aid is typically accessible via a support chat function on their website or through an email communication outlining your dilemma. In your communication with support, be prepared to supply any relevant information that might assist in the identification of your account, such as your username or the email address affiliated with it. Refrain from disclosing your password.
An easy start that no other casino offers!
Get 300% on your first deposit if you deposit within 7 minutes after registration.
Get 300% bonus!

Last used 6 minutes ago

Common problems with logging into BC.Game

Engaging with BC.Game is typically smooth, yet occasional hurdles during login can occur, akin to any digital service. Recognizing these prevalent difficulties can enhance your troubleshooting skills, facilitating a swift return to your gaming pursuits.

  • Challenges with incorrect login credentials. Verify your credentials meticulously for any inaccuracies, bearing in mind the case sensitivity of passwords. Should your password slip your memory, employ the “Forgot Password?” option for its renewal.
  • Account verification awaiting completion. Execute any outstanding verification actions as directed by BC.Game, potentially involving the activation of a verification link dispatched to your email or the provision of necessary documentation.
  • Complications with Two-factor authentication (2FA). Confirm the operational status and synchronization of your authentication application. In instances of lost access to your 2FA application, seek customer support to reset your 2FA configurations.
  • Browser-related issues. Purge your browser’s cache and cookies, upgrade to the newest browser version, or trial an alternative browser to check if the problem persists. Try to use mirror websites.
  • Locked or suspended account. If your account’s lock or suspension seems unwarranted, initiate dialogue with customer support to explore your account’s status and requisite actions for restoration.

First profile settings

Enhancing your profile on BC.Game post-initial sign-in is a pivotal move towards a tailored and fortified gaming journey. Here’s a walkthrough to fine-tune your initial profile configurations.

Revise your personal data

  • Navigate to profile settings. Scout for an account symbol within the user menu, situated at the upper right corner subsequent to logging in.
  • Update personal info. Populate or refresh your individual details, like Username, Phone Number, to personalize your encounter and fulfill any account verification requirements.

Elevate security measures

  • Modify password. Post-registration, it’s wise to alter your password to a robust, singular combination of alphabets, numerals, and symbols.
  • Activate Two-factor Authentication (2FA). Boost your account’s defense by integrating 2FA. This typically involves coupling with an authentication application, which concocts a code for input alongside your password during sign-ins.

Personalize account settings

  • Adjust game settings. Delve into the gaming settings to modify gameplay nuances, for instance, wager limits or the auto-play functionalities, aligning with your gaming style.
  • Notifications configuration. Customize how you wish to receive alerts regarding promotions, updates, or bulletins from BC.Game, with options like email notifications being prevalent.

Authenticate your account

  • KYC verification process. Based on BC.Game’s stipulations and your locale, you might be compelled to undergo KYC verification to unlock full platform capabilities. This may entail the submission of documents to validate your identity and domicile.

Making your first deposit at BC.Game after Sign in

Embarking on your initial deposit at BC.Game is engineered for simplicity and convenience, particularly for novices.

  1. Log into your account. Direct yourself to the BC.Game portal, enter your login particulars, and input your 2FA code should it be activated.
  2. Proceed to the deposit section. Post-login, identify the “Wallet” feature situated at the top right corner of the webpage or access it through the “Dashboard.” Subsequently, select “Deposit” from the array of choices on the left.
  3. Choose your preferred currency. BC.Game accommodates an extensive variety of currencies, inclusive of notable cryptocurrencies like BCH, DOGE, NEO, XRP, USDT, among others. Opt for the currency you wish to deposit.
  4. Employ the QR code. Following currency selection, a distinct deposit address is generated. Users on desktop platforms can copy this address and embed it into the “recipient” section of their crypto wallet. Conversely, mobile users can streamline this procedure by scanning the QR code using their wallet application.
  5. Enter the deposit sum. Input the desired deposit quantity directly into your wallet application. This sum should either meet or surpass the minimum deposit threshold stipulated by BC.Game, exclusive of any transaction charges. Incorporate a buffer to cover these fees, ensuring the total deposit quantum is sufficient.
  6. Authenticate your deposit. Re-examine the deposit address and the cryptocurrency volume you’re dispatching. Post-verification of these particulars, culminate the transaction within your cryptocurrency wallet, triggering the transfer to the blockchain network.
  7. Anticipate confirmation. The duration requisite for your deposit’s affirmation may fluctuate contingent on the utilized cryptocurrency and the prevailing network congestion. Cryptocurrencies such as BCH or NEO might be processed more expeditiously in comparison to others, especially amid peak traffic phases. Following adequate confirmation of your deposit by the network, it will be accredited to your BC.Game account.

BC.Game login support

BC.Game is committed to providing extensive support to ensure a seamless experience for its users. Whether it’s assistance with account-related issues, queries about game mechanics, or help with financial transactions, BC.Game’s support team is readily available through a variety of channels. Below is a summary of the support services offered:

Live chat support

  • Availability. Around-the-clock
  • Access method. Initiate by clicking the live chat symbol, typically positioned at the lower right corner of the BC.Game site interface.
  • Optimal use. Suited for instant support with pressing matters, swift inquiries, and real-time issue resolution.

Email support

  • Contact information. [email protected]
  • Response timeframe. Usually within a span of 24 hours
  • Optimal use. Ideal for comprehensive queries necessitating specific details or attachments, such as documentation for KYC verification, or for less urgent issues.

Social media and community platforms

  • Available platforms. Telegram (@bcgamewin), Twitter, among others.
  • Access method. Engage by following BC.Game on your chosen social media platforms and participate in or initiate community dialogues.
  • Optimal use. Excellent for keeping abreast of the latest announcements, promotional offers, and community happenings. Social media avenues also offer a casual route to seek advice or support from both the community and BC.Game’s social media representatives.

Help center and FAQs

  • Access method. Accessible directly through the BC.Game website, typically found under segments titled “Help,” “Support,” or “FAQ.”
  • Optimal use. Useful for uncovering answers to frequently posed questions regarding account administration, deposit and withdrawal processes, game regulations, and platform guidelines. This self-help option enables swift information retrieval without the need to await support team responses.


What should I do if my account is locked after several unsuccessful login attempts?

In the event that your account becomes immobilized following a series of unsuccessful attempts to log in, this is generally a safeguarding maneuver to thwart unwelcome incursions. It’s advisable to pause momentarily, as certain restrictions are ephemeral and dissolve autonomously after a predetermined duration. Engage the “Forgot Password?” utility to alter your password, which may also facilitate the liberation of your account. Should access to your account remain elusive, or if the duration of the lock remains ambiguous, seeking assistance from BC.Game’s client support is recommended.

Can I use a VPN to access BC.Game?

Regarding the utilization of a VPN for accessing BC.Game, such a strategy can serve to navigate regional constraints or bolster your digital anonymity. However, it is imperative to tread with caution. Numerous gaming platforms stipulate against the use of VPNs to avail their services, as this may contravene terms of service, particularly when employed to engage from proscribed jurisdictions.

How can I ensure that my gameplay at BC.Game remains responsible and within my budget?

To ensure that your engagement with BC.Game is conducted responsibly and remains congruent with your financial boundaries, it is paramount to establish unequivocal parameters concerning the extent of time and capital you’re prepared to allocate. Avail yourself of any responsible gaming mechanisms provided by BC.Game, including limitations on deposits, losses, and options for self-restriction. Moreover, consistently regard gaming as a source of amusement rather than a fiscal strategy, and intersperse your gaming sessions with intervals for reflection to evaluate if your participation continues to be motivated by enjoyment.

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