Weekly cashback bonus from BC.Game

The weekly bonus at BC.Game is available starting from the 22nd level of VIP status. As the name implies, it is credited once a week, every Friday in automatic mode.

Find out about the special conditions for receiving it and increase your deposit and winnings with cashback.

What is the Weekly Bonus from BC.Game

The Weekly Bonus at BC.Game stands as a pivotal component of the platform’s expansive rewards framework, intricately conceived for the linchpin of its community—the VIP players ascending to level 22 and above.

How to get BC.Game Weekly Bonus

  • Eligibility. Access to the Weekly Bonus is granted once a player ascends to the VIP level of 22, a measure implemented to ensure that the bonus remains exclusive to those who are deeply committed and engaged.
  • Automatic distribution. Eligible players need not manually claim this bonus. For those who meet the criteria in terms of wagering and have reached VIP level 22 or above, the bonus is distributed automatically. Recipients are notified of their bonus via the notifications-rewards section every Friday.

Terms and conditions

  • Wagering requirement. Qualification for this bonus necessitates that a player has executed a cumulative wager of at least $1000 from the start of Friday 00:00 to the end of Thursday 23:59 (UTC) within any given week.
  • Coverage. The bonus accounts for wagers placed across a broad array of games on the BC.Game platform. However, Trading and Futures are exceptions; bets placed in these categories do not contribute to XP accumulation and are consequently exempt from the weekly bonus calculations.
  • Wagering in sports and trading. For sports betting activities, a 2X wager multiplier is applied, acknowledging the distinct dynamics of sports wagering. Furthermore, a specialized Sports Weekly Bonus exists, catering specifically to players who actively partake in sports betting, underscoring BC.Game’s tailored approach to reward distribution across its diverse gaming and betting offerings.

How BC.Game Weekly Bonus is calculated

The computation of the Weekly Bonus at BC.Game is executed with unparalleled precision, designed to impartially remunerate participants based on their betting endeavors. Below is an elucidation of the rigorous algorithm employed in this calculation.

  • Chronological parameter for betting. The evaluation of the bonus scrutinizes betting activities undertaken from the commencement of 00:00 on Friday to the cessation at 23:59 on Thursday (UTC) within each septenary cycle. Only wagers placed during this specified interval are incorporated into the Weekly Bonus computation.
  • Threshold for wagering eligibility. To be considered for the Weekly Bonus, contenders must amass a minimum aggregate wager of $1,000 during the stipulated epoch. This benchmark is instituted to encourage unflagging participation and ensure that the bonus is apportioned to authentically zealous contenders.
  • Ascertainment of bonus magnitude. The quantum of the Weekly Bonus bestowed upon a participant is intricately linked to the aggregate amount staked during the qualifying duration. For members elevated to the Platinum echelon or higher, a remuneration rate of $8 per $10,000 wagered is conferred. In contrast, participants of the GOLD tier receive a reward of $5 for every $10,000 wagered, manifesting a stratified incentive structure that escalates in tandem with the player’s VIP status and betting vigor.
  • Cap on incentives. The Weekly Bonus is capped at a zenith of $50,000, instituting a boundary on the bounty a player can amass within a singular week. This cap is established to maintain a balance within the incentive framework, whilst still proffering substantial enticements to the platform’s most industrious wagerers and fervent participants.
  • Automatic Bonus Allocation. Eligible participants are exempt from the onus of manually staking a claim for their Weekly Bonus. It is autonomously deposited into their accounts each Friday, thereby streamlining the process of bonus acquisition and deployment.
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How to reach VIP level 22 faster and get BC.Game weekly cashback

Grasping the VIP program framework is pivotal. Begin by acquainting yourself with the intricacies of BC.Game’s VIP levels. Comprehending the prerequisites for each tier and the perks accompanying progression can assist in delineating distinct objectives.

  • Augment your wagering activity. The most expedient route to ascend the VIP hierarchy is through the amplification of your wagering volume. This doesn’t inherently imply an escalation in expenditure; rather, it emphasizes sustained participation and capitalizing on the games you relish.
  • Engage in promotional events and tournaments. BC.Game frequently orchestrates tournaments and promotions that proffer extra rewards or multipliers applicable to your gaming activities. Engaging in these initiatives can substantially bolster your wagering volume.
  • Leverage all procurable bonuses. Exhaustively utilize every available bonus, encompassing welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and any exclusive promotions. These bonuses can significantly enhance your balance, thereby facilitating increased wagering.
  • Maintain consistency in gameplay. The essence of advancement lies in regularity. Consistent engagement and wagering can cumulatively meet the necessary wagering volume to progress through levels.
  • Interact within the community. Occasionally, promotional or bonus opportunities are disseminated within the BC.Game community, inclusive of forums and social media platforms. Interaction with fellow participants can unveil insightful strategies on accruing additional points or securing exclusive bonuses.

Other possible bonuses for upgrading your VIP level

  • Level-up bonus. A reward given each time a player ascends to a new VIP level. The amount of the bonus increases significantly with each tier, starting from 1.04 BCD in the lower levels to as high as 297800.00 BCD in the highest tiers, rewarding players for their loyalty and gameplay on the platform.
  • Raining. An engaging feature that randomly distributes rewards to active participants in the chat. It’s designed to foster community interaction and provide an extra layer of excitement, rewarding players simply for being engaged members of the BC.Game community.
  • Coin Drops. This allows players to create a “coin drop” in the chat, where other players can click to collect free coins. It’s a fun way to share the wealth among friends and active chat participants, enhancing the communal vibe of BC.Game.
  • Tips. A feature that enables players to show appreciation to one another by sending tips. Available from the Silver VIP level, it allows users to reward each other for helpful advice, entertaining content, or any other valuable contribution to the community.
  • VIP Spin. Starting from VIP level 8, players receive an extra lucky spin with each level-up. This spin can result in various prizes, enhancing the reward system for loyal players as they progress through the VIP ranks.
  • Recharge. An innovative bonus that activates upon reaching Gold VIP status. Players can claim a bonus percentage of their wager*1% for seven consecutive days, with the rate ranging from 10% to 25% based on VIP level and wager amount, incentivizing continuous play.
  • Monthly cashback. A bonus calculated as a percentage of the total amount wagered over a month. It’s designed to give players back a portion of their bets, with the percentage increasing as players reach higher VIP levels, ensuring long-term engagement is rewarded.
  • VIP Host. Available to Platinum VIPs and above, this perk provides players with on-demand service and exclusive benefits. A dedicated VIP Host caters to the player’s needs, offering personalized support and ensuring an elite gaming experience.
  • No-fee withdrawal. This feature eliminates withdrawal fees for players who reach the Platinum VIP level and beyond. It allows for smoother and more cost-effective access to winnings, adding another layer of value to the VIP perks.
  • Exclusive SVIP perks. Diamond VIPs unlock access to unparalleled rewards and surprises not available to the general player base. These perks include, but are not limited to, luxury giveaways, exclusive event invitations, and personalized rewards, underscoring the platform’s appreciation for its most loyal players.


How are the weekly bonuses calculated at BC.Game?

Weekly bonuses at BC.Game, such as the Weekly Cashback, are meticulously calculated based on a proportion of your aggregate wagers or losses throughout a defined period, traditionally from Saturday 00:00 hrs to Friday 23:59 hrs. The percentage applied varies by your VIP status and the explicit stipulations of the bonus. For instance, the Weekly Cashback bonus employs a formula that incorporates your total bets and a predetermined percentage. Conversely, the Sports Weekly Bonus is contingent upon your cumulative sports wagers within the week, with distinct levels proffering varied bonus sums.

Can weekly bonuses be combined with other promotions?

The feasibility of amalgamating weekly bonuses with other promotions at BC.Game is contingent upon the conditions associated with each particular bonus and promotion. Some bonuses are designed to be exclusive and do not permit combination with other offers, while others may be integrated with existing promotions, potentially amplifying your gaming experience. It is imperative to scrutinize the terms and conditions meticulously to discern the interoperability of diverse bonuses and promotions.

Can weekly bonuses be withdrawn immediately?

Concerning the immediate withdrawal of weekly bonuses, such bonuses at BC.Game are generally subject to wagering prerequisites that necessitate fulfillment prior to the withdrawal of any winnings accrued from the bonus. This entails wagering the bonus sum a specified number of times as outlined in the terms of the bonus. Upon satisfying these requirements, any residual bonus funds or earnings are rendered withdrawable. It’s advisable to examine the specific wagering conditions attached to each weekly bonus to comprehend the process for transforming your bonus into withdrawable assets.

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