All existing BC.Game no deposit bonuses

BC.Game no deposit bonuses include a lottery, rain in chats, daily and weekly tasks, and rewards for leveling up. All of them significantly increase your balance and chances of withdrawing large winnings.

Get 9 USD right now by following the simple steps to set up your account.

How to get a 9 USD bonus from BC.Game without deposit

To get a $9 bonus from BC.Game without making a deposit, follow these steps based on the welcome bonus information provided. By completing these tasks, you can accumulate a total of $9 in bonuses without needing to make a deposit. This sum is derived from the individual rewards for changing your avatar ($1), verifying your phone ($2), setting your currencies ($1), and verifying your identity ($5).

  1. Open an account. Sign up at BC.Game. Look for the “Claim Rewards” icon on the right side of the website and click on it.
  2. Do the assignmentWelcome bonus”. Click the claim button to receive five lottery tickets.
  3. Then “Now you see me“. Change your avatar on the BC.Game platform to get a $1 bonus.
  4. Verify phone. Complete the phone number verification process to earn a $2 bonus.
  5. Set your currencies. Customize your preferred currencies in your account settings to receive a $1 bonus.
  6. Verify identity. Go through the identity verification process to claim a $5 bonus.

Daily Roll Point Game (VIP3)

The Daily Roll Point Game, exclusively accessible to members at the VIP3 echelon within BC.Game, presents a thrilling prospect to clinch prizes daily via a simple act of dice rolling. Herein lies an elucidation of the mechanism:

Qualifications for the Daily Roll Point

  • VIP tier trerequisite. Ascension to the VIP3 tier within the BC.Game loyalty schema is imperative for participation in the Daily Roll Point Game.
  • Mandate for active wagering. Eligibility further mandates the execution of at least a singular wager, excluding those placed with JB Coins, on any game within the 24-hour timeframe preceding engagement in the Roll Point game. This criterion underscores the necessity for genuine currency or cryptocurrency wagering activities.

Mechanism of participation

  • Daily engagement. Fulfilling the eligibility criteria entitles you to partake in the Daily Roll Point Game on a daily basis.
  • Dice rolling procedure. The game entails the rolling of quartet dice. The results of these rolls dictate your accumulated score or points for the day’s contest.

Victory and incentives

Constant Rains in Chats (VIP4)

The Raining Bonus stands as a novel initiative by BC.Game, crafted to augment interactivity and remunerate active engagement within its chat forums. This incentive underlines the platform’s commitment to nurturing a dynamic community ethos, rewarding users for their contributions to daily discourse.

Elucidation of the Raining Bonus

  • Incentive for active engagement. The essence of the Raining Bonus lies in its ability to recompense individuals for their vibrant participation in the platform’s discourse, offering a pathway to accrue complimentary digital assets merely by engaging with fellow community members.
  • Temporal distribution of rewards. Every sextet of hours marks an opportunity for six individuals, who have attained a minimum of VIP level 4 and demonstrated chat room activity, to be fortuitously chosen to receive this gratuity. This ensures a continual prospect for members to gain rewards throughout the calendar day.
  • Diversity in cryptocurrency rewards. Reflective of the diverse digital assets supported by BC.Game, the quantum of the Raining Bonus may oscillate, providing recipients with rewards in various cryptocurrencies and thereby infusing an additional layer of intrigue and variety into the scheme.

Stipulations for the Raining Bonus

  • Criteria for participant eligibility. Eligibility for the Raining Bonus is predicated on attaining at least a VIP level 4 status, delineating a threshold for participant engagement.
  • Algorithmic selection mechanism. The determination of beneficiaries is executed via a proprietary Rain algorithm, which algorithmically selects participants based on their messaging fervor within the chat forums, thus incentivizing prolific communication.
  • Dissemination of information. The conveyance of pertinent details concerning the Raining Bonus, inclusive of the announcement of laureates, is effectuated directly within the chat rooms, facilitated by automated communiqués from robotic emissaries.
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BC.Game lottery

Engage in the BC.Game Lottery for an opportunity to partake in a demonstrably equitable draw, brimming with the excitement of substantial winnings through thrice-daily lotteries. This manuscript elucidates the participation process, game statutes, rewards available, and the veracity of the draw mechanism. The lottery employs a 5+1 ball scheme, with draws announced daily at 15:00 UTC+0. Reward distribution is as follows:

  • Match all 6 digits. Claim a prize of $100,000, divided amongst multiple victors if applicable.
  • Match 5 digits. Garner a reward of $3,000 per ticket.
  • Match 4 of the initial 5 digits. Obtain a $20 reward per ticket.
  • Match 3 of the initial 5 digits. Acquire a $1 reward per ticket.
  • Failure to match any digit. Receive a complimentary ticket for the subsequent draw.
  1. Commencement of play. To partake, navigate to the BC.Game Lottery portal and procure tickets at a cost of $0.10 each, payable in BCL or any among the 32 denominations listed under the Coin selection.
  2. Number selection. Procure a ticket and select six digits: five from a pool of 1-36 and an additional one from 1-10. This selection may be executed manually or via the Auto Generate feature.
  3. Engagement in draws. The lottery conducts draws with a frequency of three times per day, every eight hours. Monitor the countdown to the impending draw on the lottery’s webpage.
  4. Verification of winnings. Subsequent to the draw, ascertain your winnings by perusing the lottery’s historical records tab.
  5. A unique currency BCL. BCL, an exclusive currency for the BC.Game Lottery, is pivotal for ticket acquisition, with each unit valued at $0.10. Although direct deposits or withdrawals of BCL are not permissible, conversion from alternate cryptocurrencies is feasible through BC SWAP. It is applicable across game plays and various communal engagements.

Ticket acquisition modalities

  • Auto generation. Elect for an automated digit selection for your entry.
  • Manual selection. Choose your preferred numbers manually for a bespoke ticket.

BC.Game no deposit bonus for leveling up

BC.Game offers its players a number of incentives and rewards, among which the no deposit bonus stands out, which, unlike the deposit bonus, is associated with an increase in the VIP level. As participants engage in various games and place wagers on the platform, they accrue points contributing to their elevation through the VIP echelons.

Silver VIP (Levels 8-21)

  • Level-up reward. An aggregate prize of 18.90 BCD is bestowed upon leveling up within this bracket.
  • Tip feature. Facilitates expressions of gratitude among players via tips.
  • VIP spin. Introduction of an additional lucky spin with each level-up from level 8, offering further chances for rewards.

Gold VIP (Levels 22-37)

  • Level-up reward. Escalation to a total prize of 204.00 BCD for leveling up.
  • Recharge benefit. Implementation of Recharge grants a 10-16% bonus of wager*1% over 7 consecutive days, with the bonus percentage escalating with the wager volume.
  • Cashback offers. Weekly and monthly cashback bonuses are calculated based on wagering amounts, with specific rates applied.
  • Sports weekly bonus. Additional rewards for sports betting activities, contingent on weekly wager volumes.
  • VIP spin. Continuation of the additional lucky spin with each level-up.

Platinum I VIP (Levels 38-55)

  • Level-up reward. The prize for leveling up surges to 1905.00 BCD.
  • Enhanced recharge and cashback benefits. Higher recharge rates and more generous cashback offers, based on wagering activity.
  • VIP host & no-fee withdrawal. Access to on-demand services and waiver of withdrawal fees.
  • VIP spin. An extra lucky spin continues to enrich the rewards.

Platinum II VIP (Levels 56-69)

  • Level-up reward. A notable increase to a total prize of 5850.00 BCD for leveling up.
  • Superior recharge rates and exclusive SVIP perks. Enhanced recharge rates for a 7-day streak and luxurious perks for an elevated gaming experience.
  • Luxury giveaways. Access to high-value and unique prize draws.
  • Continuation of no-fee withdrawal & VIP host. Seamless transactions and personalized VIP services persist.
  • VIP spin. Sustains the advantage of an additional lucky spin with each level-up.

Diamond SVIP (Levels 1-55 across Diamond I, II, and III)

Flash Drops

Flash Drops at BC.Game represent a thrilling, rapid-paced avenue for enthusiasts to garner complimentary no deposit bonuses via ShitCodes disseminated on the platform’s Telegram Channel. Crafted for the agile and vigilant, these drops reward individuals who can stake their claim on them before they vanish into the ether.

Essence of Flash Drops

Flash Drops are constituted by ShitCodes, broadcasted exclusively on BC.Game’s Telegram Channel. These codes are a bounty available solely to a swift cadre of respondents who align with certain level and wagering prerequisites. Fortunate claimants are endowed with rewards in the currency stipulated by the Flash Drop.

Strategy for redemption of Flash Drops

Subscribe to Alerts: Affiliate with the BC.Game Telegram Notifications Channel and maintain your notifications activated to ensure no Flash Drop alert goes unnoticed.Velocity is Key: Upon the arrival of a Flash Drop alert, expedite the process by promptly copying the ShitCode.Claim Your Bounty: Navigate to the bonus segment on BC.Game, locate the field designated for ShitCode entry, insert the code, and proceed to redeem your prize.

Weekly and daily tasks

BC.Game enriches the gaming experience with its structured Daily and Weekly Missions, offering players the opportunity to earn bonuses by achieving specific goals in various games. These tasks are designed not only to enhance engagement but also to reward players for their activity and skills on the platform. Here’s a breakdown of what these missions entail and how players can benefit from them:

Daily Missions

Video Poker Master

  • Objective. Achieve a winning streak of 3 rounds in Video Poker.
  • Condition. Each bet must be greater than $0.40.
  • Reward. Earn 0.1 BCD for completing this mission.

Roulette Multiplayer Master

  • Objective. Secure a winning streak of 3 rounds in Roulette Multiplayer.
  • Condition. Bets placed must exceed $0.40.
  • Reward. Completion of this task rewards you with 0.1 BCD.

Slots Master

  • Objective. Attain a single-day profit of $4.00 in any third-party Slot games.
  • Reward. Successfully reaching this goal rewards you with an unspecified bonus, emphasizing profit generation in slot games.

Weekly MissionWager Week

Best practices to succeed in missions

BC.Game no deposit bonuses for advanced VIP players (VIP14+)

BC.Game offers several engaging ways for players to earn rewards and bonuses through activities and contests designed around their platform engagement and gameplay. These include the “Hit Coco,” “Daily Wager Contest,” and “Master Medals” challenges.

Hit Coco (VIP14)

  • Mechanism. COCO, a spider mascot, appears randomly on the platform every 6 hours. Players must be vigilant and quick to click on COCO when it appears.
  • Eligibility. This feature is available to players who have reached VIP14 level.
  • Reward. Clicking on COCO awards players with BCD rewards. The amount received is correlated with the player’s VIP level, providing higher rewards for higher-tier VIP members.

Daily Wager Contest

  • Overview. This contest pits players against each other to see who can wager the most within a 24-hour period.
  • Prize pool. A percentage of every bet made on the platform contributes to the total prize pool, which is shared among the top ten players who wager the most daily. The progressive nature of the pool ensures that it grows with player activity, creating a compelling reason for continuous engagement.
  • Reward distribution. The prize pool is distributed among the top wagerers, encouraging competitive gameplay and consistent participation.

Master Medals

  • Objective. Players are challenged to achieve exceptional tasks on the BC.Game platform, each task represented by a specific medal.
  • Collection goal. The ultimate goal is to accumulate all available Master Medals.
  • Grand prize. Players who succeed in collecting all Master Medals are rewarded with a significant prize of $10,000.
  • Details. Further information on how to earn each medal and the tasks required can be found directly on BC.Game’s website.
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Exclusive BC.Game no deposit bonuses for VIP22+

Monthly Bonus

The Monthly Bonus, still in its initial rollout phase, promises to be another lucrative perk for the BC.Game community, especially for those at VIP level 22 and above. This bonus is being gradually introduced to active players, aiming to provide additional value and incentives for sustained engagement on the platform. As this bonus system evolves, it’s expected to become a significant aspect of the rewards structure, offering regular, substantial rewards that reflect the player’s commitment and activity levels. Details on eligibility, claim processes, and the bonus structure will be made available as the program becomes fully operational.


The Recharge bonus is a dynamic and engaging reward system available to VIP22+ members. It enables players to claim bonuses every 10 minutes, reflecting their wagering activity over the past 7 days. This innovative approach ensures continuous rewards, directly correlated to the player’s level of activity and engagement on the platform. A detailed guide and further instructions on how to maximize this benefit can be found directly on the BC.Game platform, providing players with all the information needed to take full advantage of this reward mechanism.

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Can I participate in both the Recharge and Monthly Bonus programs simultaneously?

At BC.Game, the amalgamation of the Recharge and Monthly Bonus programs furnishes VIP22+ members with a compelling dual-channel to accrue rewards, facilitating participation in both schemes concurrently. The Recharge bonus, available to those who satisfy the stipulated activity prerequisites, bestows bonuses at 10-minute intervals contingent on recent wagering activity. Concurrently, the Monthly Bonus program, upon its full deployment, will offer additional rewards reflective of the player’s monthly engagement levels. This dual participation framework is a testament to the enriched reward ecosystem available to higher echelon VIP members at BC.Game, presenting diverse avenues for reward acquisition.

Are there wagering requirements for bonuses on BC.Game?

Regarding the imposition of wagering requisites on bonuses at BC.Game, akin to many digital gaming platforms, the majority of bonuses are indeed tethered to such requirements. These stipulations mandate the wagering of a designated sum prior to the withdrawal of the bonus or any profits spawned from it. The exact conditions are varied, contingent on the bonus type, and are meticulously delineated in the terms and conditions associated with each offer. A thorough examination of these terms is pivotal to comprehend the mechanisms to fulfill these wagering obligations.

Can I withdraw my bonus winnings immediately at BC.Game?

As for the immediacy of withdrawing bonus earnings at BC.Game, such winnings are subject to specific wagering prerequisites that must be met in advance. These criteria, variable across different bonus categories, are instituted to ensure equitable play and sustained engagement on the platform. Upon the satisfaction of these stipulations, withdrawals of bonus winnings can proceed in alignment with the site’s withdrawal protocols.

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