Limbo Slot at BC.Game

Limbo is one of the most popular BC Originals games. In total, BC.Game offers more than 20 games of its own development.

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What is Limbo slot

ProviderBC Originals
Minimum Bet1 PHP
Maximum Bet22256000.00 PHP
Maximum Winnings1,000,000x
Game TypeProbability / Numbers Game
Payout CalculationDetermined by the multiplier target set by the player. The potential payout increases with the risk of setting a higher multiplier.
Return to Player (RTP)99%

Limbo is a dynamic and simple online betting game available on BC.Game. It is part of the platform’s exclusive “BC Originals” collection, offering a streamlined and fast-paced gaming experience. The game involves placing a bet and predicting a number lower than the next number that will be displayed by the system, which is a straightforward but thrilling challenge.

Fairness and transparency of the winning system

Provable fairness is a verification system used to ensure that outcomes in online casino games are fair and not manipulated. This system is especially prevalent in casinos that use cryptocurrencies, which helps provide players with peace of mind by allowing them to personally verify the fairness of each game.

How it works

  • Server Seed. This is generated by the casino and kept secret, ensuring that the outcome cannot be predicted or altered by the casino beforehand.
  • Client Seed. Provided by the player’s browser and can be changed to guarantee that the results are not rigged. This seed plays a crucial role in maintaining the fairness of the game.
  • Nonce. A unique number that increments with each bet to ensure every game result is distinct and ensures no two spins are the same.

Game process

  • At the start of a game, the casino generates a seed number and then hashes it (transforms it into a string that seems random) and sends this hash to the player before they place a bet.
  • Simultaneously, the player’s browser creates a client seed.
  • The final result of the game is computed by combining these seeds along with the nonce in a way that neither the player nor the casino can foresee or influence once the bet is made.
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How to find Limbo on BC.Game

  1. Access the casino section. This can be found by logging into your account on BC.Game and locating the main dashboard once you are on the platform. The name of this tab is placed in the top menu of the User Interface offered by the platform.
  2. Navigate to game categories. Go to the casino section, and once you find the game categories, you will need to search for Limbo under the BC Originals category.
  3. Use a search bar. If you want to search for the game manually, you may use the search bar that can be found on a similar page as the previous step. Type the name “Limbo” and press “enter”.
  4. Select the game. Find Limbo through the categories or search results and after you click on its icon.
  5. Start playing. Once you find this offering, you can choose to start playing, and you can click on the “play” button. You may be offered a tutorial or a helper on how to play Limbo.

How to play Limbo

  1. Playing Limbo at BC.Game offers a unique and thrilling experience as you try to predict when a rocket will “explode” or stop its ascent, which reflects the multiplier increasing from the base point.
  2. Choose your target multiplier. Before the game starts, decide on your target payout, which is essentially the multiplier at which you’d like to cash out automatically.
  3. You can set this anywhere from just above 1x up to the maximum of x1,000,000. The higher you set your target, the greater the potential payout, but the risk of the rocket crashing before reaching that multiplier also increases.

Using auto mode

  • On win. Decide if you want to increase the bet after a win or reset it to a base amount. This helps in capitalizing on winning streaks.
  • On lose. You can choose to increase your bet after a loss to try and recover previous losses (akin to the Martingale strategy), or reset it to minimize losses.
  • Stop on win/loss. Set limits to automatically stop betting if your winnings reach a certain amount or if your losses exceed a pre-determined threshold. This helps manage your bankroll effectively.

BC.Game Limbo Slot Strategy

Martingale strategy

  • How it works. This strategy involves doubling your bet after every loss, so that the first win recovers all previous losses plus wins a profit equal to the original bet.
  • Application in Limbo. Start with a base bet and a moderate multiplier. If you lose, double your bet and keep the multiplier the same. Continue this method until you win, then reset your bet to the initial amount. The idea is to recover losses with a single win eventually.
  • Risks. The Martingale can exhaust your bankroll quickly during an extended losing streak, especially if the multiplier crashes frequently before reaching even modest targets.

D’Alembert strategy

  • How it works. This less aggressive system requires increasing your bet by a set amount after a loss and decreasing it by the same amount after a win.
  • Application in Limbo. Choose a small increment by which to increase or decrease your bet. For example, if you start with a $1 bet and lose, increase the next bet to $2, and if you lose again, increase to $3. If you win, reduce the next bet to $2.
  • Risks. This strategy is safer than the Martingale but still requires careful bankroll management to avoid potential losses from a bad run.

How to try the game without making a deposit

  1. Log into your account. Start by logging into your BC.Game account using your username and password.
  2. Navigate to the game. After logging in, head over to the Limbo game page where you can delve into the game’s mechanics.
  3. Activate demo mode. To begin playing in Demo Mode, find the toggle or switch located at the upper right corner of the game screen, just above the gameplay area. Flip this switch to switch to Demo Mode, which will allow you to play using demo credits and not your actual funds. 

Current status of Demo mode for Limbo

It is important to note that, based on the latest updates from BC.Game, the Demo or Free Play Mode for Limbo is currently not available. You won’t be able to use this feature until it is reactivated. 

Are there any working predictors or scripts for BC.Game Limbo

The incorporation of scripting within interactive games such as Limbo offers players the capability to automate certain actions based on pre-defined criteria. Nevertheless, it is crucial for players to recognize the potential dangers associated with the use of scripts, as BC.Game explicitly states that it is not responsible for any adverse outcomes that may result from script implementation.

Script configuration guidelines

To enhance interactions within the game Limbo, each script should include both a user interface (UI) configuration and a core execution function. This configuration requires the script to capture variables specified by the user through a custom input interface, thus allowing for adjustments that cater to various user preferences.

Key considerations when using Scripts

  • Responsibility. Users must accept full accountability for employing scripts, understanding that outcomes may vary and could potentially affect both the game’s integrity and the user’s standing within the game.
  • Customization. Scripts provide significant customization possibilities. Through UI adjustments, players can tailor scripts to meet their specific needs and preferences.
  • Risks. Although scripts can simplify certain processes, they can also introduce instability to the game’s behavior and may breach the terms of service.
  • Ethical considerations. It is imperative for users to operate scripts ethically, complying with all game rules and regulations to ensure a fair and equitable gaming environment for everyone involved.

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Is there an optimal time or strategy for cashing out in Limbo?

The optimal time to cash out in Limbo doesn’t follow a universal rule due to the game’s random nature and varies based on individual risk tolerance. Some players might cash out at lower multipliers for regular, smaller wins, reducing the risk of a premature game crash. Others may choose to risk waiting for higher multipliers to secure potentially larger payouts. A balanced approach involves setting a dynamic target multiplier based on the session’s performance and goals, adjusting expectations based on ongoing results.

Can I play Limbo on mobile devices?

Limbo is fully optimized for mobile play on the BC.Game platform, offering a user-friendly experience on smartphones and tablets. To play, simply log into your BC.Game account through any modern mobile browser and navigate to Limbo. The game interface adapts smoothly to different screen sizes, ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience regardless of the device used.

Are there any bonuses or promotions specifically for playing Limbo at BC.Game?

BC.Game frequently offers a variety of bonuses and promotions that apply to games like Limbo. These may include deposit bonuses that match a percentage of your deposits, cashback offers based on gameplay activity or losses, and special competitions like tournaments with rewards. To keep up with the latest offers, regularly check the ‘Promotions’ page on BC.Game or subscribe to the platform’s notifications. Always read the terms and conditions to understand how to qualify for and benefit from these promotions, enhancing your Limbo gameplay.

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