JB Coin – BC.Game internal crypto token

A certain number of JB coins are issued by BC.Game at the first registration and deposit. Their main task is to provide an opportunity to test slots as if you were using real cryptocurrency.

JB coins can also be obtained for completing tasks.

What is JB Coin in BC.Game, how does it work

JB Coin is a unique in-house currency used exclusively on the BC.Game platform. It’s designed to give players a risk-free way to try out the games available on the casino without having to spend real cryptocurrency or fiat money. Here’s how JB Coin works and what makes it an interesting feature of BC.Game.

  • Risk-free play. JB Coin allows new players to familiarize themselves with BC.Game’s interface and the mechanics of various games without the risk of losing real money. 
  • No monetary value. JB Coin does not have any real-world monetary value (price). You cannot exchange JB Coins for real cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, nor can you withdraw them. Their primary purpose is for practice and entertainment.
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How to get JB Coin on BC.Game

All ways to use JB currency in BC.Game


Are there any plans to expand the use of JB coins?

Yes, more amazing functions for JB Coins are coming soon. While specific details have not been disclosed, this suggests that the platform is actively working to enhance the utility and application of JB Coins, potentially introducing new ways for users to earn and use these in-house currency tokens within the BC.Game ecosystem.

Can JB coins be converted into real money or cryptocurrencies?

No, JB Coins cannot be converted into real money or any cryptocurrencies. They are designed exclusively for use within the BC.Game platform for gaming and exploring different casino games without financial risk. Their primary purpose is educational and entertainment, providing value to the player’s experience on the platform rather than monetary value.

Are there limits on how many JB coins you can earn?

While there might not be explicit daily limits on the total number of JB Coins a player can earn, the opportunities to acquire them are tied to specific activities and rewards, such as VIP level-ups, lucky spins, and participation in events. As these opportunities have their own schedules and criteria, the amount of JB Coins a player can accumulate is naturally regulated by these factors.

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