BC Originals Slots at BC.Game

BC Originals is a software provider, a proprietary product of the BC.Game platform. In total, BC Originals offers more than 20 games of its own development.

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How to find games from BC Originals on BC.Game

To find games from BC Originals on the BC.Game platform, you can follow these straightforward steps. This will guide you directly to their exclusive selection of games.

  1. Access the BC.Game homepage. To return to the homepage of the website, click on the BC.Game logo or use the site’s navigation menu. It is represented by three horizontal lines or dots in the mobile version.
  2. Navigate to the “Casino” section. Once you are on the homepage, look for the ‘Casino’ section. This can typically be found either at the top of the page or in a sidebar menu, depending on your device and screen size.
  3. Select BC Originals. In the Casino section, locate the sidebar which should be visible on the left or as part of a dropdown menu. Here, you’ll find different categories or providers listed. Click on the ‘BC Originals’ section within the sidebar. This will filter out all other games and exclusively display the games developed by BC Originals.
  4. Browse and play. You will now see a list of all games provided by BC Originals. Browse through the selection and click on any game that catches your interest to start playing. Each game may have a demo version available, allowing you to try it out for free before betting real money.


Limbo is creation by BC Originals at BC.Game. In the virtual version, players place a bet on a number but keep it under the incoming number shown on the screen. The game can only be described as simple due to the stakes, allowing gamblers to cash in up to 1,000,000x their initial stake.

Participants are to choose their gambles and multipliers they would love to gain and keep it under the upcoming number. Its profit can amass up to $999,921, the entry bet starting at $0.0001, ensuring everyone is satisfied. Fans of both low rolling and high staking are welcomed since Limbo also supports features such as turbo bet and hotkeys to play it fast and furiously.


Crash BC.Game comes with two unique variations, Classic and Trenball. Classic mode requires gamers to wait until a specified money multiplier has been relieved and launched. When deciding when to cash, make sure you consider and make your wager before it crashes.

Trenball introduces a variety of elements to the mix using a color-based betting approach. Players attempt to decide whether the multiplier will crash to 2x or surpass 4x, for instance. More than just another game of chance, Crash at BC.Game is also a game of nerve and skill. Casual gamers, as well as savvy strategists searching for that 1,000,000x multiplier, will love the high 99% RTP.

Classic Dice

The Classic Dice game has a straightforward gaming mechanism where players predict a number to determine if their prediction falls within the range. What makes this dice set different is the blockchain technology involved to ensure each round of the game is transparent and truthful. To play the game, players predict a number, place bets on the results, and roll the dice.

The subsequent result that matches the player’s preference or forecast is the player’s win. This ensures that not only is the game secure, and the players can trust that the value of the hash can be validated. The Classic Dice has an RTP of 99%, making it an attractive value to wagers with the assurance of getting most of their expected returns.

Hash Dice

Hash Dice is leverages blockchain technology to create a fair and transparent gaming experience. This technological advantage ensures that the outcome of every roll is random, with an RTP of 99%. The player participates in experience in which they predict numerical outcomes before spinning, establishing intervals and hoping the number lands within their selected range.

Players can choose their betting interval before each spin, and then they place their wager and hit the “ROLL” button to see where the dice land. A random number generator selects a number from 0 to 99999, and the player wins if the generated number falls within their pre-set interval. Betting intervals may be varied, enabling them to make strategic bets.

Ultimate Dice

Ultimate Dice fuses the thrilling gamble of using cryptocurrency. Players must guess and predict the visible outcomes on the screen, with odds fluctuating around a theoretical return rate of 99% in Ultimate Dice. Blockchain technology underpins the game’s development, ensuring that all bets placed and games played can be verified and linked on the user interface.

Players can multiply their rewards by 9,900 times. Reap the rewards while playing Ultimate Dice by guessing the number on your screen, albeit a technically advanced one. Betting requires a timing and risk mechanism, requiring players’ reflexes to react accordingly. Moreover, it is indeed possible to place highest-bid bets and play the slow-and-steady ‘gamble’ to prosperity.


Plinko is game, reminiscent of the traditional “Pachinko,” allowing players to drop balls onto a peg-laden board where each bounce can lead to unexpected surprises. The board itself is a pyramid of pegs that alter the ball’s path, with the goal of landing in high-multiplier slots at the base.

BC.Game’s Plinko distinguishes itself with customizable gameplay elements, such as the ability to adjust the number of rows from 8 to 16, altering the complexity and odds. Players can also select their risk level—low, medium, or high—to match their betting style and risk tolerance. Each game round in Plinko is a brief venture into probability, with every drop holding the potential to significantly multiply a player’s bet.


Keno at BC.Game revitalizes the traditional lottery-style game with a modern and fast-paced twist. This game blends the thrill of number prediction with the immediacy of rapid gameplay rounds. Keno’s straightforward yet dynamic nature allows players to select from one to ten numbers from a set ranging from 1 to 40, offering varied strategic approaches.

Each game round concludes swiftly, enhancing the sense of excitement and providing almost instant gratification or feedback. The high RTP of 99% suggests that players have a fair chance of success, adding to the game’s appeal. The game invites strategic thinking about how many numbers to play and what stakes to place, influencing both the risk and potential reward.


Twist challenges players to land Gems symbols on a spinning wheel, with each successful hit filling sections of the wheel and increasing potential payouts. However, landing a dark gem symbol, which serves as a non-winning marker, adds a layer of risk.

The intriguing part of Twist is its bonus game triggered by filling all the sections of any given color on the wheel, which then offers substantially higher payouts, such as instant multipliers of ×7.5 or even ×21.0. With its simple yet rich gameplay mechanics, elegant design, and a built-in house edge of only 1%, Twist at BC.Game provides a thrilling platform.


The wheel, filled with numbers and symbols, is located on the main screen and is the focus of the game Wheel. The player’s job is to place chips on the numbers or symbols where the player thinks the pointer is going to stop. Players need to place their bets on the numbers or symbols that will appear in the next spin.

It is a game for everyone because the player can choose how much to bet; you can play for $0.0001 or for a higher amount. In the next spin, it will be the Star or the Joker. Each of these symbols is paid the highest payout with a 45-to-1 ratio. It also gives players a fair opportunity to cut a profit considering the high RTP: 99%.


Mines is designed around the concept of navigating a minefield where each tile could potentially yield a reward or a devastating mine. Players start their adventure by selecting a grid filled with tiles, each having either a prize or a mine. With a 99% RTP, the game offers a fair chance at success, though the risk escalates with each tile.

You can choose how many mines to place on the grid, directly affecting the game’s difficulty and potential reward. Fewer miles mean lower rewards but safer plays, while more mines increase both the payout and the risk. Provably fair through blockchain technology, the game ensures that every outcome is verifiably random, giving players a transparent and honest playing field.

Tower Legend

Tower Legend is the slot is designed for bigger prizes and regular high stakes, providing a maximum win potential of 1,000,000 and an impressive RTP of 99%. The goal of the game is climbing the inside of a secretive tower through making accurate decisions on which tiles to step. Avoid predicted traps, and move away to the top center or other horizontal or diagonal rows to win bigger and regular prizes.

Tower Legend offers multiple cryptocurrencies for wagering, such as Bitcoin and other popular choices, indicating high accessibility and awareness of a modern gambler. The game is also provably fair, meaning that each move a player makes is based on knowable principles.

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Table games


HiLo at BC.Game is an exciting interpretation of the classic high-low card game that tasks the participant with determining whether the subsequent card will be higher or lower than the one indicated. The key to the game is the user’s capacity to evaluate the possibility of the following card falling within a certain range.

One can wage a wager and decide whether the next card will score lower or higher. An identical card can also be gambled. It might be implied that gaming becomes more complex since participants can either hit attend on the card’s overarching chance grounded on the card on the card table at the start. With a 99% RTP, it is feasible to make money over time by playing it safe.


Blackjack by BC.Game is a virtual version of the popular card game that features conventional blackjack rules adapted for online services. The essence of the game is winning over the dealer by reaching a total hand score that is closer to 21 without going over. The gameplay is based on traditional blackjack, where the players compete individually against the dealer .

At the start of the round, players and the dealer are dealt two cards, and one of the dealer’s cards is face down until the end of the round. The moves the player can take next can differ, including hit, stand, double down, or splits. Another option is to surrender, which allows the player to fold a hand for 50% of his bet when the hand is estimated as losing.


The basic principles of Baccarat are for placing a bet over whether the hand of the Player will win, whether it will be the Banker’s hand winning, or if somehow a tie will occur. Every round, two cards are dealt to the Player and Banker in that order. The players decide which hand, from the banker or player, will have a point total nearest to nine.

Face value comes out on cards numbered from two to nine, while tens and all picture cards have no value. What gives Baccarat appeal is the rigidity behind the rules about the drawing of the third card. Natural win takes place if the first two dealt cards are either 8 or 9. There occurs no natural win, drawing additional cards may be done depending on the total value of the first hand.

Video Poker

Video Poker offers a perfect blend of challenge and reward for players who are invited to create the best possible hand of five cards with skill, strategy, and even a dash of good luck. Its interface is uber-minimalist, which makes sure that nothing at all distracts from the game.

The game is most appealing with high volatility, giving the chances to the players to have very massive payouts, including multiplying the original stake by 800 times when one achieves a Royal Flush. This means that both hands offer nine alternative ways to victory and complement the strategic nature of the game with plenty of other exciting, profitable possibilities.

Roulette Multiplayer

The major difference Roulette Multiplayer with the original version is that the roulette on BC.Game can accommodate up to six players at a time. Indeed, with a 99% Return to Player and a house edge of only 2.7%, Roulette Multiplayer offers gamblers a one-million-dollar opportunity worth fighting for.

The game’s betting range starts at $1 and goes up to an enormous amount, making it equally accessible for individuals with different incomes. Precisely, gamblers are given 20 seconds to place their bets during each round, which intensifies the liveliness and drama of others. The game is more engaging due to several players. Gamblers can communicate and respond to others’ reactions.

Baccarat multiplayer

Other than the classic Baccarat, Baccarat Multiplayer has a multiplayer feature and much faster pace action. The game offers approximately 99% RTP and a million-dollar maximum winning slot option. Similarly, the minimum bet starts from $1 and there is no limit for a maximum bet so high gamble players also get attracted to the game.

Each winner round takes only 30 seconds and players have to be prompt in making their bets. Likewise, as players see their earlier wins, they make their upcoming movies. Six players can join each game and it becomes a sort of live-action that appears in real casino. Not only it captures the excitement of the casino but it also deals with the social aspect of the game.

Game provider BC Originals

BC Originals is a gaming provider and developer that creates unique and proprietary casino games, specifically for the BC.Game casino platform. This brand focuses on developing innovative games that integrate advanced blockchain technology, ensuring transparency and provable fairness in their gaming offerings. 

  • Innovative approach. By incorporating blockchain technology, BC Originals provide a new level of transparency that is not commonly found in conventional online casinos.
  • Game development. BC Originals specialize in creating games that are not only engaging and entertaining but also integrate features like cryptographic provably fair algorithms. 
  • Diverse portfolio. The portfolio of BC Originals includes a variety of games, including slots, dice games, and unique adaptations of classic games. 
  • Blockchain technology. One of the standout features of BC Originals is their use of blockchain technology. 
  • Provably Fair systems. Each game developed by BC Originals utilizes a provably fair system, allowing players to verify the randomness and fairness of every game round. 

Fairness and transparency of the winning system

BC.Game utilizes advanced cryptographic methods to ensure the fairness and transparency of its games. Here’s a detailed explanation of how fairness is integrated into the gameplay, assuring players that the game is fair and the outcomes are not manipulated.

  • BC.Game has generated a total of 10 million hashes in advance. Each hash corresponds to a predetermined Crash multiplier.
  • A segment of the hash is taken and interpreted as a 13-digit hexadecimal number. This number is then converted to a decimal format for further calculations.
  • This decimal number is normalized to a value between 0 and 1 by dividing it by the maximum possible value for a 13-digit hexadecimal number.
  • These hashes are used in reverse order, ensuring that the result of each game round is already set before the game starts. This pre-determined approach prevents any possibility of real-time manipulation.
  • Players can verify the integrity of each game round using a provided algorithm. An example hash and its calculation method are publicly shared, enabling players to check the authenticity and fairness of the results themselves.
  • The use of the SHA256 cryptographic algorithm allows players to independently verify that subsequent hashes (and thereby game outcomes) are predetermined and unalterable once the chain of hashes is generated.
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Can I play BC Originals games with cryptocurrencies?

Yes, BC Originals games are specially tailored for cryptocurrency use, supporting a range of options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, among others. This setup enhances secure and transparent transactions, alongside the quickness and ease offered by crypto payments. This integration enriches the gaming experience, leveraging the advantages of digital currencies.

Can I play BC Originals games on mobile devices?

Indeed, BC Originals games are optimized for mobile use, compatible across mobile devices thanks to HTML5 technology. This ensures smooth performance on both Android and iOS platforms. Players can dive into these games via the BC.Game website directly on their mobile browsers, enabling a flawless gaming journey even while on the move.

What cryptocurrencies can I use to play BC Originals games?

BC.Game caters to a diverse range of cryptocurrencies for engaging in BC Originals games, including widely used ones like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC), among others. The platform continuously updates its cryptocurrency support to reflect user preferences, ensuring a versatile and convenient environment for crypto enthusiasts to indulge in their favored digital currencies.

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