Crash Slot at BC.Game

Crash is one of the most popular BC Originals games. In total, BC.Game offers more than 20 games of its own development.

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What is Crash Slot

ProviderBC.Game Originals
Minimum Bet1 PHP
Maximum Bet1250000 PHP
Max Winnings1,000,000x
Gameplay ModesClassic and Trenball
Key MechanicMultiplier increases until the game crashes; players must cash out before the crash
Return to Player (RTP)99%
Special FeaturesTrenball mode allows betting on predicted multiplier ranges (Red, Green, Moon)

At BC.Game, the Crash offers a captivating multiplayer experience with two dynamic modes: Classic and Trenball.

In Classic mode, players face the challenge of deciding when to cash out to secure winnings that increase with a rising multiplier as the game progresses, aiming to act before the game “crashes.”

Trenball mode, on the other hand, introduces a strategic betting component where players choose from one of three colored lines, each corresponding to different multipliers and risk levels. This game adeptly blends strategy, timing, and luck, appealing to players who relish the thrill of fast-paced, high-stakes gaming while emphasizing the importance of judicious risk management to maximize gains and minimize losses.

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Honesty and transparency of the winning system

Provable fairness is a system through which online casinos can assure their users that the result of the game is fair without any foul play. Most common with the casinos that transact through cryptocurrencies, in that manner, the players can go ahead and verify the fairness of each game by themselves.

The system involves three main components:

  • Server seed. Generated by the casino and kept secret.
  • Client seed. Provided by the player’s browser, which can be changed to ensure the results are not predetermined.
  • Nonce. A number that increases with each bet to ensure each spin or game result is unique.

It starts with the casino making a seed number, hashing it, and then the hashing number is relayed to the player, and he or she has to place a bet. Also, there is a client seed made by the player’s browser. The final result in the game is a combination of seeds and nonce that is possible to calculate, ensuring that the player and the casino cannot know the result or change it after the bet has been made.

How to find Crash on BC.Game

Finding and playing “Crash” on BC.Game is simple, and you may do so using the following steps. 

  1. Sign in by providing your credentials; move to the casino by accessing the platform’s main dashboard. 
  2. Here, select the casino tab present in the top menu to access the casino section. 
  3. Navigate through the game categories “BC Originals” potentially featuring Crash as a prominent game. 
  4. Furthermore, the site homes a search feature where you enter “Crash” in the search bar and select it in the search results. 
  5. Look for the game and click on its icon in the search results or from the game categories to be taken to the game’s page.

How to play Crash

  • Betting. Before each game round lasts 6 seconds for betting. Choose how much you wish to wager.
  • Game progress. A multiplier which is 1.00x at the beginning of the match rapidly develops. The multiplier is how much you can get paid in proportion to your bet.
  • Cash out. During the competition, hit the “cash-out” key to lock in your multiplier amount. Your payout would have been your bet times the multiplier at the time of cashing out.
  • Decision-making. The aim is to bet to cash out before the curve falls. If you fail to cash out in advance, the curve does crash, and you lose your bet.
  • Types of Crash games Classic Crash. Just clear your multiplier before the curve crashes.
  • Types of Crash games Trenball. A variation of Classic Crash, where the wager is within the time period of three different outcomes with several multipliers. RED pays better by 1.96x, GREEN by 2x, and YELLOW by 10x the stake you wagered.
  • Fairness ensures that. The hash chain of 10 million provably random numbers establishes each Crash game result. This ensures that the order in which the crash values are generated cannot be manipulated.
  • Dealing with Internet lag and disconnections. If your internet service is slow or you drop the signal, you can use the auto cash-out function. This function enables the user to specify a target multiplier that the system will reach out and subsequently cash out.
An easy start that no other casino offers!
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Strategy for playing BC.Game Crash slot

Martingale strategy

  • System. The system where one doubles a bet after every losing hand. The idea behind this is that the first win would recover all the earlier losses plus win a profit equal to the original stake.
  • Crash. The initial base bet at the start of every game round. If it does end up crashing before you cash out, double your bet in the next round and repeat this process until you win, ending up going back to the base bet.
  • Risks. It requires a huge bankroll to absorb the extended losing streaks that this system has. It can also be risky when the multiplier often goes bust early.

Fibonacci strategy

  • Description. This system makes use of the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, …), where the numbers are the sum of their two precedents. In case of loss, move one step forward in the sequence with respect to the size of your bet, and after a win, move two steps back.
  • Applicable in Crash. Start the least number in your sequence, considering it your base bet. If you lose, then increase the bet according to the sequence. After a win, revert two numbers back from the sequence. If you’re at the start of the sequence or there are no two numbers to go back to, just continue with the base bet.
  • Risks. This can also lead to huge bets after a losing streak. Far less aggressive than Martingale but still quite cautious, this strategy involves bankroll management and the setting of maximum limits.

How to try the game without making a deposit

Playing games in Demo or Free Play Mode at BC.Game is an excellent way for both new and experienced players to explore game mechanics and test out strategies without risking real money.

Steps to access demo mode for Crash

  • Log into your account: Start by signing into your BC.Game account.
  • Navigate to the game. Proceed to the Crash game page where you plan to spend some time understanding the game’s dynamics.
  • Activate demo mode. Look for a toggle or switch located in the upper right corner of the game screen, just above the gameplay area. Flip this switch to transition the game into Demo Mode. This will enable you to play using demo credits, which means you won’t be using any real money.

Important note

Please be aware that as of the latest update, the Demo or Free Play Mode for Crash at BC.Game is not operational temporarily. This means you won’t be able to use this feature for the Crash game until it is enabled again.

Are there any working predictors or scripts for BC.Game Crash

Creating a basic script for Crash

The possibility of using scripts to interact with games like Crash allows players to automate some actions based on predefined parameters. However, players should remember that using scripts comes with risks, and BC.Game will not be held liable for any outcomes resulting from script use.

Script setup

Each script you create for interacting with the game Crash must have a UI configuration and a main function to execute the script. The script essentially reads user-defined variables through a customized input interface, allowing the script to operate according to different user configurations.

Key points to consider

  • Responsibility. Players must accept all responsibility for using scripts, understanding that outcomes may vary and can affect game integrity or player standing.
  • Customization. Scripts allow significant customization via UI configurations that players can adjust according to their preferences.
  • Risks. While scripts can automate processes, they also come with the risk of unpredictable game behavior or potential breaches of terms of service.
  • Ethical considerations. Players should use scripts ethically, respecting the game’s terms and conditions to ensure a fair gaming environment for all users.


How do I determine the best time to cash out in Crash?

Deciding when to cash out in Crash is largely based on personal risk tolerance and game strategy. Some players prefer to cash out at lower multipliers to ensure steady, smaller wins, while others may wait for higher multipliers for larger payouts.

What happens if there is a technical issue during a game round of Crash at BC.Game?

If there is a technical issue during a game around, BC.Game has protocols in place to ensure fairness and transparency. In the event of a disconnection or game interruption, the round will continue to resolve based on the game’s algorithms. The outcome will be recorded on the server. Players can check the result once the connection is restored by reviewing their bet history.

Can I play Crash on my mobile device at BC.Game?

Yes, Crash is fully optimized for mobile play at BC.Game. The platform supports a mobile-friendly version that can be accessed through a mobile web browser on any smartphone or tablet. This means you can play Crash and other casino games directly from your device without the need for downloading an app.

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