BC.Game Partnerships With Stars And Brands

BC.Game is constantly building partnerships with well-known stars and brands that agree to endorse the platform's reliability, honesty, and legitimacy.

Today, BC.Game has partnerships with AFA, Cloud9, David Luiz, and Suniel Shetty. You can also become a partner by participating in the affiliate program.
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Last Updated:   June 30, 2024

What partnership with BC.Game means

A partnership with BC.Game typically involves collaboration with well-known sports stars and teams, which can significantly enhance the BC.Game platform’s visibility and appeal. Such partnerships are strategic alliances that help both BC.Game and its partners expand their reach and influence by leveraging each other’s brand strengths and fan bases.

BC.Game partnership with AFA

BC.Game’s role as the official sponsor of the AFA marks a significant step in bridging the worlds of online gaming and football fans. This partnership boosts BC.Game’s presence on the global sports stage. It invites fans and players to join a community poised to redefine the interaction between iGaming and football, offering a frontline seat to a revolution in how sports and gaming merge. Through this collaboration, BC.Game and the AFA are dedicated to creating a platform where technological advancements enhance the fan experience, making each match more exhilarating and inclusive.

Benefits for fans

BC.Game partnership with Cloud9

As the official partner of Cloud9, BC.Game would take an active participation seat to support Cloud9’s missions, especially in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), where Cloud9 is greatly represented and a reigning champion. This partnership reinforces BC.Game’s intention to extend its reach within the esports domain by supporting and engaging with one of the best teams in the industry. This is a partnership that will herald a new era where esports meet the exciting dynamics and strategic gameplay of iGaming. BC.Game and Cloud9 pioneer a new platform for members of both communities to interact, trade experiences, and engage in a new form of digital entertainment that leverages the thrilling environment offered by esports with the possibility of expanding the user base provided by crypto-based gaming.

Benefits for fans

BC.Game partnership with David Luiz

David Luiz’s ambassadorship at BC.Game is a great stride forward in the merger of sports and technology, particularly with an eye on digital gaming and football. This partnership shows not only the merging of two communities—football fans and digital game players—but also demonstrates that both worlds—athletes and tech companies—have the progressive potential to work hand in hand. With such a key figure of Brazilian football, David Luiz’s genuine reach, BC.Game will benefit from reaching out to a far larger audience for this platform and growing its market presence.

Benefits to be acquired from the partnership

BC.Game partnership with Suniel Shetty

BC.Game is excited to announce a major partnership with Suniel Shetty, the legendary Bollywood actor, producer, and entrepreneur, as its brand ambassador. With a career of decades and lots of blockbuster hits under his belt, Shetty’s collaboration with BC.Game is going to fill in that gaming platform with his charisma, dedication, and massive following. This partnership shall not only lend tremendous credibility to the brand but also enhance its reach in India and internationally. With the huge following of Shetty and his tag as a respectable personality in the entertainment industry, these brand associations surely become the center of attraction for the wider audience for BC.Game, hence expanding in the market.

Benefits for fans

BC.Game affiliate program for traffic owners

BC.Game Referral Program has been designed ingeniously so as to make it a mutually rewarding ecosystem for both Referrers and their invited New Users. When you leverage this system, the benefits users enjoy are of a great time introducing new players to the wide range of BC.Game online casino games and sports betting avenues.

How the referral system works


What are the primary benefits of a sports team or athlete entering into a sponsorship deal with a brand like BC.Game?

Sponsorship deals provide mutual benefits between the sports teams or athletes and the sponsoring brand. To the athletes or the teams, it means an assurance of monetary backing, which can be used for training, equipment, and traveling purposes, in order to support performances for winning in competitions. From the perspective of the brand, such as BC.Game, sponsoring a sports team or athlete bolsters brand visibility and credibility through association with some of the most respectable personalities and events in sports. This relationship can further help the brand in reaching a larger, more engaging audience, translating into potential new users and customers.

How does a company like BC.Game select a team or athlete for sponsorship?

Criteria for selection should be based on the popularity of the sport, level of performance, and marketability of the team or athlete, as well as the congruence they possess with the image the brand is trying to create. For an innovative and tech-based company like BC.Game, prospective partners must be those who would either embrace these themes or have some sort of stronghold in the markets where they resonate well with the TG.

What impact do partnerships and sponsorships have on a brand's market position?

Collaboration with other relevant stakeholders and sponsorship significantly improves the position of a brand within the market by ensuring its exposure and improving its name. For example, by partnering with respected, reputable partners, it will give your brand the ability to inherit part of the trust and positive perception the said consumers have toward that partner. These partnerships could also provide an opportunity to tap into previously unavailable market segments and, consequently, even allow relating the brand to customers other than those composing the target market. Such expanded reach may result in more sales and put the company in a better competitive position.

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