Mine Slot at BC.Game

Mine is one of the most popular BC Originals games. In total, BC.Game offers more than 20 games of its own development.

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What is Mine Slot

ProviderBC.Game Originals
Minimum Bet1 PHP
Maximum Bet22256000.00 PHP
Maximum Winnings25x
Game TypeStrategy / Puzzle
Number of MinesPlayer-selected (usually ranges from 1 to 24 mines on a grid of 5×5)
Return to Player (RTP)99%
Special FeaturesPlayer can choose the number of mines, flexible betting strategy, auto-play option available

Mines is an engaging and strategic game available on BC.Game, inspired by the classic Minesweeper game. It challenges players to uncover tiles on a grid without hitting any hidden mines. Players choose how many mines they want on the grid at the start of the game, which determines the risk level and potential reward for each round.

Honesty and transparency of the winning system

Provable fairness refers to a system used to confirm the fairness and randomness of the games played in online casinos and hence prevent manipulation. This is quite common in casinos that operate through cryptocurrencies since it ensures that the player is satisfied and can check the fairness of the game themselves. 

  • The main parts of this system include the seed sent by the casino, the seed sent by the player’s browser which can be changed at any time to dismiss the chance that results are determined before the betting process takes place. 
  • The last part of the system is the nonce which gives each spin or the result of the game some extra variable. The source of the game starts with a seed number created by the casino, which is then hashed and sent to the player. The player’s browser also provides a seed. 
  • The final game result is a combination of this seed and the nonce in a way that can be established before the result. This means the player and the casino can neither affect the outcome nor know it before the bet is made.
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How to find Mine on BC.Game

  1. Access the casino section. Once logged in, navigate to the main dashboard of BC.Game. Click on this tab, which is positioned in the top menu of the platform’s interface.
  2. Navigate to game categories. In the casino section, look for the game categories. Mines is listed under “BC Originals”.
  3. Using the search feature. If you prefer to find the game more directly, you can utilize the search bar available in the casino section. Simply type “Mines” into the search bar and press enter. 
  4. Select the game. Once you find Mines, either through the categories or search results, click on its icon. 
  5. Start playing. On the game’s page, you may have the option to view a tutorial or help guide if you’re unfamiliar with how to play Mines.

How to play Mine

  1. Select the number of mines. Before initiating play, decide how many mines will populate the grid. This is a crucial decision as the number of mines directly influences both the potential rewards and risks. Increasing the number of mines boosts the payout multiplier for each safe tile revealed but also heightens the chance of ending the game with a mine.
  2. Place your bet. Begin the round by setting your wager. You can do this by clicking the BET button, where you’ll input or select the amount you’re willing to stake. This amount forms the base of your potential winnings.
  3. Reveal tiles. Start uncovering tiles on the grid by clicking on them. Each tile that does not contain a mine will increase your payout multiplier. The strategy involves deciding when to stop uncovering more tiles based on the risk of hitting a mine versus the potential reward of a higher multiplier.
  4. Cash out. You have the option to cash out your winnings at any point during the game. This feature allows you to secure the winnings accumulated from the multiplier up to that moment. If you reveal a mine before choosing to cash out, you lose your wager and the round ends.
  5. Adjusting mine quantity for higher multipliers. If you are seeking higher multipliers and are comfortable with greater risk, you can opt to increase the number of mines in the grid for subsequent rounds. This strategy should be used judiciously as it significantly elevates the risk of losing your bet early.

Strategy for playing BC.Game Mine Slot

Martingale strategy

  • Description. Doubles the wager after each loss. When you eventually win, you recover all previous losses and make a profit equal to the original bet.
  • Application in Mines. Place the minimum stake and use a comfortable number of mines. Stubbornly double your stake every time you lose and keep the number of mines consistent. Continue until you win and then return to your lower stake.
  • Risks. With some losses, the Martingale will deplete your bankroll. This method requires a substantial budget to sustain through a losing streak.

D’Alembert strategy

  • Description. After a loss, increase your stake by one unit and after a win, decrease it by one unit.
  • Application in Mines. Choose the base unit and maintain it within the mine range. Increase your stake by one unit every time you lose and decrease your bet by one after a win. This strategy is slow-paced and helps to reduce losses.
  • Risks. The D’Alembert strategy, while less harsh than the Martingale, can still lead to losses if losing streaks are longer than winning sequences.

How to try the game without making a deposit

  • Log into your account. Begin by signing into your BC.Game account using your credentials.
  • Navigate to the game. Once logged in, proceed to the Mines game page. This is where you can explore and learn about the game’s dynamics extensively.
  • To start playing in Demo Mode, locate a toggle or switch in the upper right corner of the game screen, directly above the gameplay area.
  • Flip this switch to activate Demo Mode. This adjustment will allow you to engage in the game using demo credits instead of real funds, providing a safe environment to practice and understand the game better.

Current status of Demo Mode for Mine

Please note that, according to the latest updates from BC.Game, the Demo or Free Play Mode for Mines is currently disabled. This means that you cannot use this feature for the Mines game until it is reinstated.

Are there any working predictors or scripts for BC.Game Mine

The implementation of scripts in interactive gaming scenarios like Mines provides an avenue for players to mechanize certain actions based on established criteria. However, it’s imperative that players acknowledge the inherent risks associated with script usage, as BC.Game disclaims any liability for consequences that may arise from employing such scripts.

Script configuration process

To facilitate interaction with the game Mines, each script must encompass a user interface (UI) configuration and a principal function that governs the script’s execution. This setup involves the script capturing user-specified variables via a tailored input interface, enabling operation tailored to diverse user settings.

Essential considerations for script utilization

  • Responsibility. Players must bear full responsibility for the deployment of scripts, recognizing that the results may fluctuate and potentially impact both the integrity of the game and the player’s status.
  • Customization. The scripts offer extensive customization opportunities through UI configurations, which players can modify to align with their individual preferences.
  • Risks. While scripts serve to streamline processes, they also pose risks such as erratic game behavior and possible violations of service terms.
  • Ethical use. It is crucial for players to employ scripts in an ethical manner, adhering to the game’s terms and conditions to promote a balanced and fair gameplay environment for all participants.
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Can I play Mines on mobile devices at BC.Game?

Yes, you can play Mines on mobile devices via BC.Game. The game is fully optimized for mobile use through web browsers, ensuring that players enjoy the same functionalities and user experience as they would on a desktop. This adaptation allows for seamless gameplay, including game starts, betting, and cashing out directly from your smartphone or tablet.

How do I check my previous rounds in Mines at BC.Game?

To view your previous game rounds in Mines at BC.Game, simply access the game’s history through the interface. This area, often labeled as ‘history’ or ‘my bets’, displays detailed information about each round, such as the number of mines, tiles clicked, and game outcomes. This feature is useful for players looking to analyze their strategies and track their performance over time.

How do the payout multipliers work in Mines at BC.Game?

In Mines, payout multipliers increase as you reveal more tiles that do not contain mines. Each tile uncovered safely increases the potential payout, calculated based on the initial number of mines and the number of non-mine tiles revealed. Choosing more mines at the game’s start results in higher multipliers for each safe tile due to the increased risk of hitting a mine.

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